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AnnounceKit Helps Waydev Deliver Product Announcements, The Right Way

August 9th, 2020
Product Update
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Waydev relies on AnnounceKit to convey product announcements to its customers and gather feedback faster. With AnnounceKit, Waydev could incorporate changelog and in-app notifications in their website and web application, respectively, to prompt users about every new release without bugging them.We started our journey at Waydev in 2017 with the vision to help engineers break productivity barriers that happen with traditional and even modern SDLC methods. We built a platform that presents analytics-based over Git repositories to help engineering managers understand how their team members are working and where the bigger picture is headed, without any manual input from both parties. The entire approach is data-driven as Waydev analyzes your codebase from GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and Bitbucket.Now, after almost three years, we help over 1,000 engineering leaders deliver better software faster. Be it third-party integrations or new analytics filters, we’re always bringing new features to Waydev, so our users skyrocket their team’s productivity.

The Challenge – How To Announce Updates If Done Too Frequently

As our product grew, so did our development team. We were able to cover more action items in our release cycles and were able to push new features, bug fixes, and improvements every week. However, when you deploy features too frequently, there is a good chance of compromising visibility in front of the customers. We realized that it was time for us to do better than a monthly product update blog.Traditionally, one would rely on email updates. However, receiving weekly email updates from us could have annoyed some of our users. We didn’t want to be kept under the spam radar.

The Solution – A Product Update Announcement Tool

We realized a product update announcement tool would have let us orchestrate our release notes better. Using an announcement tool, Waydev would be able to come up with a library of all the new features to incorporate in the product. That way, our users can search for what they were looking for and be notified simultaneously without cluttering their email inboxes.Waydev was looking for a feature-rich announcement tool that would allow:
  1. Audience segmentation – At Waydev, we help developers, engineers from multiple backgrounds, and tech stacks, so it is essential to keep our product announcements sorted according to the audiences.
  2. White labeling
  3. Easy widget integration – We wanted a product announcement tool that easily fits in our web-application.
  4. An excellent looking Changelog.
Having noted our requirements, we started evaluating options for product announcement tools as we discovered about AnnounceKit, which was a relatively new entry in the product announcement domain.The UI was neat and widget integration was simplistic to help us quickly set up in our application. It had all the features we were looking for. It even had some out of the box features, such as post scheduling, multi-lingual support, support for GIF, images, and more. AnnounceKit offered Waydev a feature-packed solution at an affordable cost.

Results – Faster Feedback Loops & Subtle Product Announcements

We opted for AnnounceKit in March 2020 and have continuously maintained a changelog over the website around every new feature ever since. The changelog has helped us bring more clarity to our website visitors, and we can educate our users about everything new at Waydev. For new visitors, potential leads, they get a collective page where they get to search and check if we have the right features that they need. It works incredibly well for ‘me-too’ features.AnnounceKit offers an engaging comment feed with emojis, and we were able to analyze a decent interaction through that over the AnnounceKit dashboard, which has been astonishing for us. Offering an analytic-based solution to help boost your team’s productivity, it is crucial to understand our power users’ opinion over every new feature. You don’t often get that kind of engagement through a product update blog.With AnnounceKit, our users seem to love engaging with our changelog. The integration with Slack works like a charm for us as we get notified every time a user engages with our changelog.Waydev also leverages AnnounceKit to announce an event or a festive discount through the in-app notifications, and it works well.Like us, AnnounceKit is also a product-first company, and they are always working over new ways to enhance the capabilities of the platform. AnnounceKit has helped us at Waydev get closer to our customers and we’re able to provide a more robust and agile-driven platform to them.You can start a 30-day free trial with AnnounceKit here.Or if you want to find out more about how Waydev can help you, schedule a demo.

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