agile non technical product managers
Agile for data driven engineering managers
February 19, 2019

Benefits Common reasons to adopt Agile and Scrum: accelerate time to market: deliver more value for your users, faster predi ...

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How to be a engineering manager
February 16, 2019

People. The hardest part of building a business. You can figure out how to build a product, open a location or get the first customer ...

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product update waydev
[NEW] Product Update 2.0
January 22, 2019

We're excited to kick off 2019 by launching our new product. The new dashboard gives you an overview of your work so you can check the ...

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How non-technical managers can successfully oversee engineers from the Intercom perspective
January 14, 2019

When I joined Intercom, that thought weighed on me as until then, I had only managed non-technical support representatives. Now I’m ...

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non-technical manager
How to build software as a non-technical manager
January 10, 2019

As a mechanical engineer by trade, I have experienced the feeling of having a promising idea for a new software application, but not q ...

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How great Product Managers contribute to great engineering cultures
December 28, 2018

Great engineers leave when they are no longer excited by an opportunity. These engineers are in demand, they have other companies con ...

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