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Question to the Solo Founders with No Tech Background: How did you Hire Tech folks to help you Building your SaaS?

Question to the Solo Founders with No Tech Background: How did you Hire Tech folks to help you Building your SaaS?

July 15, 2018

A few days ago, Sampath – the founder of Leap Mantra asked in FB Group this question? “How did you Hire Tech folks to help you Building your SaaS?” and we received tens’ of answers and, I said to share with you one of the best responses:

Arik Liberman – CEO & Founder at Pagewiz

I’ve seen it many times. Get a tech partner who’ll handle the development. Statistically doing it alone with developers usually ends very bad. There are many reasons for that, the main reason is that founders and developers usually skip the software design phase which is more complicated and takes more time than the development itself (speaking about early phases). It creates a lot of frustration on both side and eventually everyone loses.”

Yan Moukoury – Co-Founder / Partner at Voltaire AI

“Here are my 6 cents you do not need a technical founder for the MVP or simple version (it will be bad anyway lol)

1. Do your research and validation (I am sure you know this)

2. Interview at least 30 developers or teams before hiring them.

3. Take at least 6 weeks to have some conversations ask questions you will learn a LOT (do not skip this), ask even dumb questions and come back to others candidates and gauge their thoughts on some of these responses and questions.

4. Find a lead developer or CTO at a great tech company and present your ideas and plans that your top 5 developers came back with…connect with him on LinkedIn tell him what you are doing and that you want to gauge his thoughts…if you have a dev friend it is even better.

5. If you can, find someone that’s near you so you can have monthly in person chat (no one knows your idea better than you, if you do this right you should have new updates based on your findings and prospect interviews you are conducting)

6. Build a great MVP and get some traction. Soon you get some revenues or enough excitement around the product go back to that lead developer that you met ask if he knows someone that will be interested or simply start to recruit. You will have more leverage and people will more likely be excited to join a startup with upside than just an idea.”

Gaetano Caruana -Founder and CTO at EarlyParrot

Sampath get someone who you really TRUST and know can help with:

a. keeping costs realistic
b. stick to a budget
c. will not sell you out to competitors

I am coming from a technical background and unfortunately, I have to say that I have seen numerous valid projects fail because of the IT guys, blackmail / extort founders.”

Jeroen Corthout – Co-Founder of Salesflare

“Don’t build a tech company without a strong tech cofounder on board. Preferably learn the basics of coding and databases yourself. Otherwise you’ll build crappy software and success is not going to last.”

Adrian T Dayton – CEO & Founder at ClearView Social

“I hired consultants to build the beta version and then hired a lead engineers who ended up becoming my CTO. Used him to help hire everyone else.”

Alex Circei – CEO & Founder at Waydev

“Hey Sampath, at Waydev we tackle this problem, for the last ten years, I’ve struggled to understand what my developers were doing when failing to deliver within the deadline. Because of this, I’ve created Waydev, for helping non-techies regain control. Basically we connect to your Git source control and we keep you updated with weekly reports of your developers work.”

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