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Toggl Alternative – A Comprehensive Comparison With Waydev

February 12, 2018

If you are looking for a Toggl alternative that offers similar functionalities or want to switch to other software development analytics tools for your company, you are to the right place.

Waydev’s software development analytics tool is completely free so if you only want limited features, you don’t have to pay us, saves your $2,160 per year (15 users)!

Waydev provides software development features similar to Toggl at a very cost-effective price as compared to Toggl pricing. Below are the features of Waydev:

  • Comprehensive deep analysis for each developer
  • A single metric to follow, week after week.
  • Access all commit reports and 12 months repositories history
  • Team email performance report

Why are we providing this comparison?

We have noticed that many Toggl users are seeking for a good alternative due to Toggl’s pricing and Poor support.


Pricing Comparison of Toggl and Waydev. See Waydev’s pricing plans to compare with Toggl pricing.

Waydev has a 20% discount for annual payment

Unlike Toggl, Waydev offer you a 20% discount if you make the effort to pay us yearly. We want you to use Waydev because you’re happy with the service, not because you signed a contract. You can cancel anytime. If you’re on the year prepay plan, we will provide a refund for the remaining unelapsed full months.


Yes! Support is included as part of your plan — no extra fees to worry about. Your dedicated account manager is happy to answer any questions you might have. We strive to address issues in a day or less.

Ready to join?
Save your money and increase your team productivity with Waydev.

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