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Our Solutions for Data Driven Healthcare Software Development

Data plays a crucial role in developing software for the healthcare industry. Data-driven healthcare decision-making in software development is essential for understanding and optimizing developer productivity and software quality.

Learn how TATA Health, a Data driven healthcare services provider across India leveraged Waydev to gain visibility in their development process, and how you can too.

Data-Driven Healthcare Decisions for Engineering Teams

Data is set to change entire industries by influencing the decision-making process.

By leveraging Waydev’s Agile Data-Driven method of tracking engineers’ output, healthcare engineering leaders drive innovation faster, increase productivity, and reduce costs, while optimizing the decision-making process.

Data driven healthcare companies like TATA Health, Glooko and PharmaPoint already use Waydev’s Data Driven Healthcare Solutions to achieve improvements in:

“We changed the conversation with the team. We were looking at bugs, and we would ask how many tickets got reported resolved. We would look at the burndown charts to see how we are doing with our sprint progress. But after Waydev came, we were able to get a little bit deeper.” – Abhijit Khasnis, CTO at Tata Health.

Drive Performance with Data and Scale your Devlopment 

With Waydev’s reports and dashboards it is easy to monitor the business value of your Data Driven Healthcare software development teams’ output.  Assess your engineering teams’ impact and make decisions backed by data, reward performance, and improve your healthcare products and services continuously. 

Surface Issues in your Team’s Healthcare Software Development Workflow

The need for manual input coming from individual engineers is eliminated by Waydev’s automated reports and facilitates data-driven decision making in the healthcare industry.

Often the conversation revolves around how many tickets are reported as resolved and analyzing the burndown charts to understand sprint progress. Data-driven healthcare software development organizations can now use our Daily Update report to find out where all the focus is being projected and measure the evolution of sprint velocity for each sprint.

Eliminate the Guesswork From Your Executive Reports

Generate reports that are backed up with data and come prepared to your Executive meetings. An fast-paced, ever-improving industry like healthcare requires a good understanding of how engineering resources are allocated and the financial costs of the development process.

KPIs Developing Data Driven Healthcare Solutions: Code Review Velocity

Code review velocity is an important metric that needs to be optimized to achieve top performance in a fast-paced environment like the healthcare data industry software development.

Waydev’s PR Resolution enables healthcare engineering managers to analyze the velocity of their code review process and spot outliers.

Integration: Data Driven Healthcare Software Development Businesses meet Agile Data Analytics

Granular access: You can easily assign role-based access to our features for your data driven healthcare in software development teams.

SSO: Because data-driven healthcare consists of sensitive information, Waydev enables users to securely authenticate with SSO and  two-factor authentication. 

Simplicity of the onboarding process:  Sign-in into your code hosting platform, authorize access, choose the repositories you wanted to analyze, and then simply load the project.
24/7 Support: Every minute matters in data driven healthcare, thus getting all your questions answered in a matter of minutes really makes a difference.

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