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Data-Driven Engineering Leadership in 2022

This guide is designed to help engineering leaders move from a feeling-driven to a data-driven leadership approach in 2022.

Engineering Managers' Handbook

Standups can be a compelling space for connecting the team and creating a rhythm, but it's not uncommon for these meetings to experience some attrition at times.

Tech Leaders' Playbook to Data-Driven Engineering

Team centric communication is often about fostering autonomy, and over communication at that layer can sometimes be distracting or can even come off as condescending.

Agile Data-Driven Whitepaper

Learn how to accelerate your engineering organization's time to market with the Agile Data-Driven methodology. The Agile Data-Driven methodology was born from the need of engineering leaders to be able to measure their teams’ performance.

DORA Metrics: The 4 Key Indicators of Elite DevOps Performance

DORA metrics have become an industry standard of how good organizations are at delivering software effectively, and are very useful for tracking improvement over time.

Goal Setting: Software Engineering OKR and Goal Examples

This guide is designed to help engineering leaders ensure organizational success, developer performance and team engagement by setting clear goals with measurable results.

The 90-Day Plan That Turns Engineers into Remarkable Engineering Managers Ebook

This resource breaks down a plan to help engineering leaders set their priorities, gain their footing, and assess their own performance so they can grow fast and start empowering others.

How to Become an Accomplished VP of Engineering Ebook

How to Become an Accomplished VP of Engineering: All you need to know, from job description to responsibilities

A Modern View on an Engineering Manager’s Responsibilities

This resource shows you what you’re getting into, what is expected from you and how to pave your way through the challenges, and how to be one step ahead.

Cycle time: How to Optimize the Key Metric to Accelerate Software Delivery

This step-by-step guide will tell you exactly how to measure the Cycle Time of your teams, why it matters, and how to fix it.

Scaling Engineering: How to build, structure, and scale a software engineering team

This resource is focused on how to build, structure, and scale an engineering team that works smart, not (just) hard.

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Waydev's Playbook for data-driven engineering leaders.

Waydev's Playbook for data-driven engineering leaders.

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