Our Solutions for Data Driven Finance Software Development

Improve your financial software development process with quantitative metrics and monitor improvement in performance while coaching your team on the best practices for coding and code review.

Learn how engineering leaders at Sovos have doubled throughput using Waydev and become a data-driven software development engineering leader for your financial organization.

Gain Visibility and Make Informed Decisions in Your Financial Software Development 

Deutsche Fintech Solutions focused on building data driven financial advisory technology, products, and platforms, already use Waydev as a software development analytics tool to enhance their engineering effectiveness.

With Waydev, CIOs and executive stakeholders can make data-driven decisions regarding:

“We’re already seeing that productive throughput has almost doubled in the past three months compared to the previous three months, and the commits per day and active days have gone up – 20%, 30% each.”
Alex Solo | Director of Technology at Sovos

Leverage Data to Get Tangible Results and Increase Team Productivity 

Data driven finance technology organization can use Waydev to establish best practices for the team to follow. Standardization can be easily achieved by:

Total Control Over Sensitive Financial Data

Financial organizations hold sensitive data that needs a greater level of protection. With Waydev’s on-premise version for enterprises, you have full control over your data. 

The Operational Users section in Waydev gives engineering leaders a central point for managing users, permissions, roles, and SSO access. You get to decide which team members get access to sensitive information by doing so.

KPIs Developing Data Driven Finance Technology Solutions: Performance Reviews

Analyze insights behind your software development process and create data driven finance technology that innovates the industry.

With Waydev, you can:

When Data Driven Finance Software Development Businesses meet Agile Analytics

Granular access: Assign role-based access to our features for your financial organization development teams and protect sensitive data. 

SSO: Reduce the need for unsafe password management strategies with SSO and two-factor authentication. 

The simplicity of the onboarding process: Sign in to your code hosting platform, authorize access, choose the repositories you want to analyze, and then simply load the project.

24/7 Support: Time is, literally, money in data driven finance. Thus getting all your questions answered in minutes makes a difference.

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