waydev for government


Waydev for Government

Empower your governmental agency by becoming a data-driven engineering leader

Data-driven engineering management to empower governmental agencies

Waydev assists governmental engineering managers to increase their teams’ efficiency, innovate faster, and make better decisions.

Waydev helps governmental engineering managers by:

Track your team’s engineering performance

Understand the value delivered by your engineering team – Measure the impact of your engineering team to make decisions backed by data, reward performance, and optimize your agency’s operational effectiveness. View and compare previous engineering performance with Project Timeline. Gain an understanding of your team’s previous sprint or quarter performance and see top performers for each category – New Work, Legacy Refactor, Help Others, and Churn.

Surface issues in your team’s engineering workflow

Monitor your team’s activity to spot issues with Work Log. Zoom into an engineer’s activity to spot irregular work patterns with Developer Summary. Keep an eye on high percentages of churn and high-risk commits.

Measure the velocity of your code review

The PR Resolution enables governmental engineering managers to analyze the velocity of their code review process and spot outliers. Optimize engineers’ collaboration with Code Review. Zoom in to long-running PRs, view a map of knowledge sharing between engineers and see how engaged is your team in the code review process.

Let data tell the story in meetings

Run effective meetings by coming prepared with data. Make daily stand-ups nondisruptive. Use the Activity Heatmap to find the best time for meetings, especially if your teams are distributed.

We are very happy with Waydev and the team behind it. For years, I have struggled to find an unbiased, low friction way to keep a pulse on developer productivity. Waydev closes off a big piece of this puzzle. Used in conjunction with other information, we have a 360-degree view and understanding of how the team is performing, as well as a benchmark for good to great.” Myles Henaghan | CTO, Accordo Group

Make better decisions backed by data

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