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TechCrunch How engineering leaders can use AI to optimize

TechCrunch: How engineering leaders can use AI to optimize performance

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The best tips for engineering leaders
Waydev with Github Copilot

Measure AI adoption with the Waydev Software Engineering Intelligence platform

DORA Metrics

DORA Metrics DevOps and Their Impact on the Software Delivery Process

NEW: Team Insights, New Heatmap, Jira Webhooks, New Sharing Index

New: Custom, Complex Reports & Manage Teams via API

Industry Benchmarks Insights

DORA Metrics: Detecting Releases with Repository Tags

new targets feature

Launching a new Targets Feature

2023 in review

Waydev 2023 in Review: DX, DORA Metrics, and the SPACE Framework

Lunching Team Compare

Waydev Updates: Team Compare

Navigating the Build vs Buy Decision

Navigating the Build vs. Buy Decision

Optimize Cost Capitalization

Revolutionize Engineering Efficiency: Optimize Cost Capitalization in 2024 with Waydev

Engineering Budget Planning

6 Tips and Best Practices to Optimize Engineering Budget Planning

Waydev AI Copilot

Waydev Updates: Unveiling the Waydev AI Copilot

application performance monitor software in your company

Why Is Application Performance Monitoring Important?

Understanding and Optimizing SDLC processes

Understanding and Optimizing SDLC processes: How to Improve and Scale the Phases of Your Software Development 

Waydev July Updates

Waydev July Updates: Introducing Kanban, Configuring Ticket Projects and Metric Defintions

Engineering KPIs

Engineering KPIS and Metrics: Examples for Software Development Teams

OKRs Examples and Objective Setting

7 Engineering OKRs You Should Consider for Optimizing Software Engineering Performance: OKRs Examples and Objective Setting

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DORA Metrics Playbook

DORA Metrics Playbook

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