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product of the day product hunt
Waydev – Git Analytics Platform #1 on Product Hunt
August 10, 2019

We're proud to announce that Waydev was #1 product of the day on Product Hunt, we're really happy to see such excitement for an engine ...

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How the engineering leader of Coinbase tracks productivity
August 06, 2019

Varun Srinivasan, the engineering leader of Coinbase explain how he tracks productivity at Coinbase. *This interview is part from Str ...

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All the best engineering advice I stole from non-technical people
All the best engineering advice I stole from non-technical people
August 05, 2019

Waydev started as a tool for non-technical people, but fortunately, we managed to pivot our target for engineering leaders, Marianne B ...

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This 90-Day Plan Turns Engineers into Remarkable Engineering Managers
August 01, 2019

There’s an all-too-common cycle in tech these days. Startup avoids management. The founder makes all the decisions. Startup gets tra ...

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Clearbit’s approach to engineering management
July 30, 2019

Clearbit is the marketing data engine for all of your customer interactions. Deeply understand your customers, identify future prospe ...

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GitLab Software Engineering report
2019 Global Software Engineering Report from GitLab
July 27, 2019

A few days ago I found an engineering report from GitLab, you can see in the report a lot of interesting insights regarding how the en ...

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My Lessons from Interviewing 400+ Engineers Over Three Startups
My Lessons from Interviewing 400+ Engineers Over Three Startups
July 23, 2019

Marco Rogers loves interviewing engineers. Here’s a quick back-of-the-napkin ...

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Camille Fournier on Managing Engineering Teams in a YC podcast
Camille Fournier in a YC podcast on Managing Engineering Teams
July 23, 2019

Camille Fournier is a Managing Director at Two Sigma and the former CTO of Rent The Runway. She’s also the author of The Manager’s ...

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101 Questions to Ask in 1-on-1s for engaged engineers
July 21, 2019

So you’re having one on ones with your team. Awesome. It’s an essential element to being a good manager. But are you making the ...

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How This Head of Engineering Boosted Transparency at Instagram (Facebook)
July 18, 2019

This took him by surprise, as he felt that the executive team was an open book as long as it didn’t violate someone’s privacy or c ...

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10 steps engineering leadership
How to become an engineering leader in 10 hard steps
July 18, 2019

In my career, I’ve observed a few people rapidly rise in their careers within while most others simply drift along. What disti ...

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Why This Engineering Leader Thinks
Why This Engineering Leader Thinks You Shouldn’t Aim for Zero Regrettable Attrition
July 16, 2019

As Greenhouse’s CTO, Mike Boufford b ...

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Engineering Projects: Identifying, Prioritizing and Managing Risk
July 16, 2019

Risk is an inherent component of all engineering projects. To successfully undertake engineering projects, you need a reliable a ...

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How Many Software Engineers Are There in the World in 2019? US, Europe, India, Russia and China
July 15, 2019

A few days ago we had an internal talk regarding our impact in the world, how many software engineers are in the world? How many life' ...

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Engineering leader looker and reddit
Reddit’s Nick Caldwell on engineering leadership
July 11, 2019

On day one as Reddit’s new VP of Engineering, Nick Caldwell faced a dilemma. He had just spent 13 years at Microsoft, most recently ...

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engineering management at google
Google’s Quest to Build a Better Engineering Leader
July 09, 2019

Google hasn’t always properly appreciated management. In 2002, Google ran an uncontrolled “experiment” by sim ...

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destroy your engineering team productivity
Ways that destroy your engineering team productivity
July 05, 2019

A lot of articles address the role of technical leaders and engineering managers. One common theme we often come across is how to incr ...

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Waydev becomes GitLab official partner for performance measurements
June 28, 2019

Today we've become GitLab official partner for performance m ...

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2019 Engineering Productivity Stack overflow
Engineering Survey Results 2019 from Stack Overflow
June 23, 2019

Stack Overflow’s annual Engineering Survey is the largest and most comprehensive survey of people who code around the world. Each ye ...

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Jessica McKellar
This Is What Impactful Engineering Leadership Looks Like
June 16, 2019

Three years ago, Jessica McKellar and a group of friends from MIT started stealthy chat s ...

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Intercom Books + Guides for an engineering leader: CTO, technical co-founder, VP of engineering
June 13, 2019

Building Waydev I realize as a startup it is very hard to catch up with all the "other" things in a startup except building the produc ...

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Podcast: Albert Dias – Cofounder & CTO At, one of our customers
June 08, 2019

I had the pleasure to discover a really good podcast with one of our customers, I hope you will like it. In today’s podcast, ...

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I asked 21 engineering leaders to recommend just 1 book to managers and here is what they said…
June 06, 2019 returns over 1,000,000 results for “management books.” Which are the best ones? Here are the books that that first 21 e ...

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Azure Devops Analytics
Git Anaytics with Microsoft Azure DevOps Integration
June 05, 2019

After last week we've managed to integrate with Gitlab Self Hosted, today we've launched our integration with Azure DevOps and now we ...

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The Engineering Leader’s Guide to Discipline
June 03, 2019

Last week I listen to an amazing new podcast from Twentyminutevc with Mathilde Collin, the Co-Founder & CEO @ Front, and the m ...

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The Complete Guide to Deep Work: How to master the #1 job skill that will never be obsolete
June 03, 2019

Let’s get right to the point: bouncing between your inbox, pointless meetings, and group chat notifications is no way to get ahead i ...

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New feature: Multiple users for one account
May 31, 2019

Today we've launched the multiple users' feature. If the user you what to invite already has a user on Waydev, can be invit ...

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Why Customer Feedback Is Important for Product Managers and How to Collect It
May 30, 2019

Customer feedback is the process by which product managers, SME owners, or customer support teams collect useful opinion from bu ...

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Gitlab validation & New integrations: Gitlab Self Hosted, Bitbucker Server & Github Token Access
May 28, 2019

Gitlab confirmed Waydev as one of the leaders in our market. In the l ...

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The future of dev analytics
May 22, 2019

Waterfall vs Agile vs Data-driven: how the engineering leaders will track their teams 1990+ Waterfall Method What is the waterfall ...

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Introducing Time Card
May 20, 2019

We've launched a new feature: Time Card, from now on you can check most frequent hours with commits, for the whole project and each ...

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gitprime acqusition
Gitprime acquisition & The future of dev analytics market
May 11, 2019

For they who don't know who is Gitprime? Gitprime is the first player in our market, the company that created the dev analytics market ...

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Dev analytics infographic and how can Waydev helps you?
May 10, 2019

Discover our software development analytics regarding history, and how can improve the engineering team productivity. Bellow you will ...

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Product Hunt Launch
May 08, 2019

We're thrilled to announce Hiten Shah hunts us on Product Hunt! Would like to know your feedback here --> https://www.producthunt. ...

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Interview with Michael Lopp, VP of Engineering Slack
May 06, 2019

Location: Los Gatos, CA Current Role: VP of Engineering @slackhq Linkedin: What’s you ...

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5 factors to upgrade Waydev
April 25, 2019

Probably you still don't know if Waydev is the right product for you; I will tell you 5 factors to upgrade: We help you to have ...

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Github Analytics, Bitbucket Analytics, Azure DevOps Analytics and Gitlab Analytics
April 25, 2019

Github Analytics, Bitbucket Analytics, Azure DevOps Analytics and Gitlab Analytics Your work it is in Github, Bitbucket or Gitlab and ...

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Alternatives to GitPrime
Alternatives to GitPrime
April 19, 2019

I looked at this Gitprime blog article and I realize the direction of G ...

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Companies Are Failing in Their Efforts to Become Data-Driven
March 28, 2019

Becoming “data-driven” has been a commonly professed objective for many firms over the past decade or so. Whether their larger goa ...

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Team Feature Update
March – Product Update
March 22, 2019

We're extremely excited to announce new, long-awaited features at Waydev. Read More

Product Management skills no one talks about
March 20, 2019

Let me tell you a secret that the product management industry is hiding from you, or maybe not saying it out loud — we don’t care ...

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How climbing Kilimanjaro made me a better product manager
March 12, 2019

In 2016, I challenged myself to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and raise money to build a school for refugee children. Partnering with a non- ...

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New pricing model
March 11, 2019

After much-extended discussions, we've realized that we need to change our freemium plan in order to bring more value and ...

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44 engineering management lessons
March 10, 2019

Welcome to engineering management. It’s fun, it’s exhausting, it’s rewarding — but most importantly it’s new! What worked fo ...

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product market fit
5 Steps Towards Finding Your Product-Market Fit
March 06, 2019

Even a product that solves world hunger needs marketing. No matter how grand or revolutionary your business idea is, burning out is a ...

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Product Update Waydev
February – Product Update
February 27, 2019

We're happy to launch our new product! We've worked on our customers' feedback and, we've come with features like new date selector, w ...

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engineering performance
Essential Skills for Performance Engineers
February 22, 2019

Understanding Complex Systems There aren’t more than a handful of people who can accurately explain how every component of a modern ...

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agile non technical product managers
Agile for data driven engineering managers
February 19, 2019

Benefits Common reasons to adopt Agile and Scrum: accelerate time to market: deliver more value for your users, faster predi ...

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How to be a engineering manager
February 16, 2019

People. The hardest part of building a business. You can figure out how to build a product, open a location or get the first customer ...

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Four Startup Engineering Killers
February 11, 2019

Beware these engineering mistakes for your early stage software startup In 2016, I gave technical advice to a first-tim ...

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product update waydev
[NEW] Product Update 2.0
January 22, 2019

We're excited to kick off 2019 by launching our new product. The new dashboard gives you an overview of your work so you can check the ...

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3 day no-meeting schedule for engineers
January 17, 2019

About 100 days ago, our product engineering team began experimenting with a three-day no-meeting schedule for individual contributors ...

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How non-technical managers can successfully oversee engineers from the Intercom perspective
January 14, 2019

When I joined Intercom, that thought weighed on me as until then, I had only managed non-technical support representatives. Now I’m ...

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Security Waydev
Waydev Security
January 13, 2019

Our data is secured? This was a common question regarding our new customers. Security is one of the biggest considerations in everythi ...

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non-technical manager
How to build software as a non-technical manager
January 10, 2019

As a mechanical engineer by trade, I have experienced the feeling of having a promising idea for a new software application, but not q ...

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How great Product Managers contribute to great engineering cultures
December 28, 2018

Great engineers leave when they are no longer excited by an opportunity. These engineers are in demand, they have other companies con ...

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Bullshit detection for non-technical managers
December 17, 2018

You are a non-technical manager for a team of programmers or other highly skilled domain experts. You sometimes have some difficulties ...

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Pitfalls of a Non-technical Manager
December 09, 2018

This post is intended towards the non-technical people working in the Software industry, specifically towards the non-technical ma ...

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7 Key Non-Technical Product Owner Responsibilities
November 28, 2018

Product owners are at the center of every development cycle. But what do they actually do? Though a product owner’s role can vary d ...

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How the Mixpanel team tracked their development team
September 27, 2018

A few days ago I've found an interesting research made by Mixpanel team on their engineering team, their analysis is far from what Way ...

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Product Update ? ? ?
September 19, 2018

We've incorporated Waydev, Inc. on 15 March 2017 and since then we've updated with  6 versions of Waydev. Today, we're happy to push ...

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Git best practices for a successful workflow
September 18, 2018

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system design ...

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waydev video
Discover Waydev Video (0:52)
September 14, 2018


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Every Development Project Timeline Ever
September 11, 2018

Because the road to hell is paved with good intentions. ***This is satire*** Nov. 1: Excited sales g ...

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Software engineering efficiency and its $3 trillion impact
September 11, 2018

Stripe partnered with Harris Poll to survey developers, technical leaders and C-level executives about their organizations’ business ...

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We’ve launch the integration with Gitlab
September 06, 2018

We're happy to announce our integration with Gitlab is available!  Check out here: Read More

Waydev Beta
September 04, 2018

Two weeks ago we launched our beta on Product Hunt, and we've managed to get in the top 5 products of the day and we've managed to ...

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5 Gitprime Competitors. What Development Analytics Tools Are Leading the Way?
September 01, 2018

Gitprime has got quite a buzz. With 10.5 million in funding, it might be the most popular software development analytics tool. [update ...

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Why I started Waydev?
September 01, 2018

I built my first online business back in 2007, and since then, I've created and launched tens of products. I've worked with developers ...

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Top of the day product on Product Hunt
August 27, 2018

A few days ago we had incredible success with our Product Hunt Launch, we've also written an article on HackerNoon where we describe t ...

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How to Start a Software Company as a Non-Technical founder
How to Start a Software Company as a Non-Technical Founder
August 12, 2018

There’s an ugly myth about startups. The myth is that for your software startup to succeed the founders need to have a solid technic ...

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Question to the Solo Founders with No Tech Background: How did you Hire Tech folks to help you Building your SaaS?
Question to the Solo Founders with No Tech Background: How did you Hire Tech folks to help you Building your SaaS?
July 15, 2018

A few days ago, Sampath - the founder of Leap Mantra asked in FB Group this question? "How did you Hire Tech folks to help you Buildi ...

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GIT - Software Development Analytics
The impact of Git on software development
July 04, 2018

Computers have only been around for a short while, but a lot has already happened. Along the way, there have been a couple of unmissab ...

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Non Technical Manager
Things Developers “Love” Hearing From Non-Technical managers
June 21, 2018

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to better communicate with your dev team, you should know that there are some things that devs LO ...

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Wakatime Alternative – A Comprehensive Comparison With Waydev
June 04, 2018

If you are looking for a Wakatime alternative that offers similar functionalities or want to switch to other software developmen ...

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hubstaff alternative
Hubstaff Alternative – A Comprehensive Comparison With Waydev
May 17, 2018

If you are looking for a Hubstaff alternative that offers similar functionalities or want to switch to other software developmen ...

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How to register (Video)
April 23, 2018


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Gitprime Alternative – A Comprehensive Comparison With Waydev
April 21, 2018

If you are looking for a gitprime alternative that offers similar functionalities (cheaper than Gitprime) or want to switch to o ...

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codacy alternative
Codacy Alternative – A Comprehensive Comparison With Waydev
April 05, 2018

If you are looking for a Codacy alternative that offers similar functionalities or want to switch to other software development ...

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sonarqube alternative
SonarQube Alternative – A Comprehensive Comparison With Waydev
March 22, 2018

If you are looking for a SonarQube alternative that offers similar functionalities or want to switch to other software developme ...

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