All-in-one Dashboard to Track DORA Metrics & DevOps Performance

Track how effective the development processes of your organization is across DORA Metrics.

Measure your teams’ software delivery velocity and throughput, generate reports with actionable insights and identify improvement opportunities.

Waydev’s DORA metrics solutions enable engineering managers to align software velocity and quality goals.

Automatic CI/CD tools data aggregation for fast delivery

Waydev’s DORA Metrics Dashboard gathers data from CI/CD pipelines and enables engineering executives to analyze data without any manual input required. Get a clear view on the performance of DevOps tasks related to building, test, deployment, integration, and release of the software.

DORA DevOps metrics tracking for team efficiency and quality assurance

Get a clear view on your engineering teams’ delivery performance over time, assess their current status and set future goals.

All data in one place to avoid “quick fixes”

See and analyze all your DORA metrics on one single dashboard and make sure you don’t miss on any improvement opportunities.

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Waydev's Playbook for data-driven engineering leaders.

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