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Jellyfish Alternative – A Comprehensive Comparison

January 15th, 2021
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If you’re looking for a Jellyfish alternative, Waydev is the best fit. Waydev helps engineering leaders by offering them engineering performance reports and a holistic view of the software development process.

Waydev acts as a single record system for measuring costs per epic/feature, resource allocation, individual and team performance, and delivery velocity.

Here’s how Waydev is comparatively a superior product:

Find out more details about both the platforms below:


Software development is a field abundant in data. However, many organizations and engineering leaders have yet to leverage the potential of data in decision-making due to the lack of necessary tools.

It’s a known fact that software defects come with severe repercussions. Only for the US economy, they cost billions of dollars each year. The main cause is the major gap between the available information and the insights needed to make decisions. When the information requirements are not met, engineering executives have to rely on gut and past experiences when making critical decisions.

Development analytics tools are meant to cover the information gap and provide actionable data to technical leaders. This article will compare Waydev and Jellyfish to help engineering leaders find the right solution for their needs.

Getting Started With Waydev

To start a trial with Waydev, users only need to create an account, sign in to the app, connect their Git repos & Jira projects, and that’s all. Waydev can integrate with GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Azure DevOps, Jira, and their on-premise counterparts.

Waydev offers POC opportunities to demonstrate the platform’s tangible benefits. Waydev can integrate with GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Azure DevOps, Jira, and their on-premise counterparts.

Getting Started with Jellyfish

Jellyfish doesn’t offer a free trial, and its users are required to purchase an annual subscription to use the tool. Jellyfish integrates with GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Jira, Aha!, and Productboard. However, they don’t provide on-premise deployments.

Waydev Performance Analytics

Waydev covers multiple perspectives and use-cases regarding performance tracking. We have listed some of their reports:

Jellyfish Performance Analytics

Jellyfish works in several stages. First, they gather all the engineering signals coming from commits and pull requests in Git repositories and assigned tasks in Jira.

The second step consists of taking contextual data from calendars, product planning tools, and HR software to build a picture of what engineering teams are working on and how much time they spend.

Their end goal is to delimitate the allocation of work and resources to different categories like projects, releases, business objectives, etc. Here are some of the main features provided by Jellyfish:

Waydev Pricing

Waydev has three pricing plans:

Jellyfish Pricing

The pricing plans for Jellyfish are not publicly available. Potential customers need to schedule a meeting to obtain a demo and learn more about their pricing plans.

Waydev vs. Jellyfish – Different Approaches to Developer Analytics

Waydev is a software development analytics solution that addresses real-life use-cases related to managing engineering teams and enables technical leaders to find the insights needed to improve their teams’ output.

Their three focus points are visibility, velocity, and productivity. Waydev provides granular visibility to manage teams based on objective data. Velocity can be achieved through real-time metrics and reports that optimize the decision-making process, reduce cycle time and increase development speed.

Jellyfish works with engineering signals to create a perspective into what software teams are working on and when. What they consider engineering signals are units of completed work, like commits and pull requests in Git repositories, and tasks in issue tracking tools.

Similar to Waydev, Jellyfish doesn’t require manual input, process changes, or workflow adjustments. Engineers are encouraged to deliver their work normally while the product turns the signals into reports and metrics.

Waydev Customers Reviews

“Waydev is an easy-to-use, robust platform that aggregates & displays

critical project and developer metrics in an easy-to-digest way.”

Tata Health Case Study

case study logo

“We were looking at bugs, and we would ask how many tickets got reported

resolved. But after Waydev came, we were able to get a little bit deeper.”

Nowcom Case Study

“Waydev helped us identify the output of our teams.

It improved the overall efficiency of our engineers.”

Appjobs Case Study

case study logo

“Thanks to Waydev, we have a lot of insight into the whole

development process and a more data-driven approach.”

Retreat Guru Case Study

case study logo

“It’s easy to use, provides helpful insights on how to support

developers. Their support is very fast, which I love.”

Switching From Jellyfish to Waydev

If you are looking for Jellyfish alternatives or just curious about what other Git Analytics tools have to offer, we have prepared a list of reasons why you should switch to Waydev:

If you want to find out more about how Waydev can help you, schedule a demo. 


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