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NEW: Team Insights, New Heatmap, Jira Webhooks, New Sharing Index

June 10th, 2024
Product Update
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We’re thrilled to announce the latest updates to Waydev. Here’s what’s new:

New Team Insights

The Team Insights Report provides a comprehensive summary of your teams’ recent activities, enabling you to better understand their performance and progress.

In the snapshot section of the Team Insights Page you will see:

Cycle Time
The Cycle Time indicates a team’s development velocity. The Cycle Time is the sum of four metrics, each of these metrics corresponding to a stage in the software development process: Coding; Pickup; Review and Deploy.

New: Work Heatmap

The Work Heatmap offers more clarity on the days a team has been active based on commits, PRs, and tickets. Each column represents a week, and you can see all activity from the past 5 weeks.

Commits Activity

Commits Activity = the total amount of commits done by the team. 

The Commits Activity widget includes the average of the last 8 weeks as well as a comparison with the previous 8 weeks.

Pull Request Activity

Pull Request Activity= the total amount of Pull Requests from the last 8 weeks.

Most Active Pull Requests
The Most Active Pull Requests list displays a list of the top 10 most active pull requests from the last 8 weeks.

Improved Sharing Index

The Sharing Index is a metric designed to assess how well your team collaborates on code reviews. It quantifies the distribution of reviews across your team members and considers factors that promote fair and active participation. A higher Sharing Index indicates a more collaborative environment.

How It Works:

I. Gathering Data:

II. Calculating the Base Sharing Index:

III. Adjusting for Fairness:

Why Normalize by Total Pull Requests?

This normalization step helps put the inequality in perspective. If a team has many PRs, a slight imbalance in reviewer distribution is less concerning than if they had only a few PRs. By dividing by the total number of PRs, we account for the scale of the review process.

IV. Final Sharing Index:

We multiply the initial sharing index by both adjustment factors. This gives us the final Sharing Index, a value between 0 and 1.

What the Sharing Index Means:

NEW Jira Webhooks

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Jira Webhooks! Now, you can receive real-time data updates from Jira directly in Waydev.

To generate Jira Webhooks, navigate to Waydev integrations and find the Jira integration you want to set up Webhooks for -> Actions -> Configure Webhooks.

Access this link (Jira’s documentation on how to set up Webhooks).

Copy&Paste the link in the URL slot{SLUG} – the slug is generated by the app.

For Events, make sure to check all the boxes for:

For Scope:

You can set a query based on your requirements OR Leave the field empty, and Waydev will be pinged by all your Jira projects. However, we will only process the ticket projects you selected in Waydev.

NEW Heatmap

New Heatmap widgets to provide better clarity on your teams’ activities! We have replaced the Activity Heatmap feature with improved widgets available in Team Insights, Contributor Insights, and the Dashboard. These widgets will provide better clarity on team activity based on commits, pull requests, tickets, reviews, or deployments.

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