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Gitprime vs. Waydev vs. Code Climate: Tips to Choose the Best Engineering Productivity Software

September 12, 2019

There appears to be a trend in engineering, where the process of scaling almost slows down productivity. There is a reason for this. The greater the software project, the more complex problem detection becomes. As more people are added to the project, distinguishing work overloads and stagnant positions become difficult. The larger the number of projects, the tougher it becomes to assess team efficiency.

With such complications, keeping tabs on areas requiring a production boost or improved business value becomes harder to achieve. To ensure your team is working efficiently and achieving goals, an innovative system needs to be introduced.

At this stage, you will look into engineering software tools. Some of the more popular and reliable intelligence tools including Waydev, GitPrime and Code Climate Velocity; can help you regain the precision and the transparency you need to examine your processes. A closer look at the best analytical solutions can help you make the best decision for your team.

Build Your Own or Use a Professional Engineering Tool

Developing your own software can take some time. Setting up tools such as Waydev or GitPrime can be operational upon the import of your data.


To utilize Waydev, you need to sign in with the requested account. When connected, the software will request the addition of repositories. This allows you to view engineering information in the application.


Setup your GitPrime account and proceed to choose your Git management tool while establishing your integrations. A benefit of using GitPrime is the range of control systems with variable workflows. You can connect to your GitLab, GitHub or your Bitbucket to import your repositories. From GitLab, GitHub or Bitbucket, you can arrange your repositories according to its tag. A contributor can be integrated into teams or concealed from reports.

Build Your Own

Depending on how complex the engineering of your analytical system, development can take much time.

Integration of Data

Popular tools GitPrime and Waydev utilize the same standard of data. The difference in its application is dependent on the availability of processed or refined metrics to generate insightful results. Gaining an equal number of sources in your own build can be met with much complexity.

It is important to note that your analytical needs to be transparent and insightful. Incomplete software builds mean a lack of precision in the data that is gathered.


Waydev is designed to import information from popular Git applications like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and Azure DevOps. You can achieve precision insights with a code level feature and working data. This allows you to examine your team’s production and efficiency in processes from one week to the next. This allows you to determine a team member that has become stuck or time spent on coding etc. Waydev is also more effective in the provision of data-based algorithms that produce sophisticated metrics.


The GitPrime analytical tool utilizes source-code data unlike the collaborative work-related data used by Waydev. GitPrime is designed to include additional tools such as Bitbucket; however, this has restricted its insights into its collaborative code reviews and related processes. The software tool utilizes a unique algorithm in which analytics are produced.

Build It Yourself

Your build will be limited in terms of accessing patented metric systems that you can utilize with GitPrime or Waydev.

Monitor Your Progress

You can view overall trends for specific periods with a standard dashboard. Waydev introduces PR-based metrics while GitPrime offers contributor-related metrics.


Waydev offers tracking functions from your dashboard offering a summary of your team analytics to average trends across engineering work, for a specific timeframe.


GitPrime offers a unique reporting system. Only 4 metrics are used in the GitPrime application including days active, daily commits, influence and efficiency. You can view average benchmarks and targets over a 30 day period. You can also view your pull requests, comments and reviews.

Build Your Own

When you incorporate a reliable analytical tool, the metrics are based on research and analyses. Should you wish to create your own system, selecting the specific metrics for accurate insights can be difficult to determine.

Matters of Surfacing

Surfacing looks at the differences between two analytical tools. Waydev is recognized for its PR-based metrics while GitPrime includes people-related metrics. A look at Waydev and GitPrime reveals its differences in the detection of outliers and improper working patterns.


Waydev makes it easier to determine the reason for a lack of team efficiency with professional visualizations.


GitPrime operates by linking a problem to a specific contributor. This provides management insight into which members to address when things go wrong for that week or that month. With a collaboration report (available in higher levels), can one gain insight into areas such as PRs.

Build Your Own

In your own engineering software, you can determine what your engineers are focused on with very standard alerts. Incorporating the command line by Slack, you can obtain insights into a specific PR. Using Slack, you can also obtain a summary of team performance in GitHub. It may not provide the greatest accuracy but an overview of production.

Custom Tools for Analysis

Your own build offers full customization. From the choice of metrics to analyze to rendering visual data, custom functions can help you reach your targets. This is the best option for the flexible analysis of a specific metric.


Waydev proudly offers an API system in which customers, who have their own resources, can create their own reports. The platform supports setting of simplified team targets.


GitPrime offers a report builder. You can produce customized reports based on the review of coding, pulled requests and committed data. Customization includes the activation of metric specific analyses. You can also set specific goals to motivate your team on a weekly or monthly basis based on their average performances.


To determine value requires a look at the cost. GitPrime is well-recognized but limits functionality across lower-tier software. Waydev provides a multitude of functionalities and is considered more affordable. Management can benefit from Waydev’s flexibility across all levels. For the best value, determine which platform offers the best features for your professional and product requirements.

When selecting an analytical tool for your team requirements look at Gitprime competitors, determine the metrics,  the value, and the functionality. Consider dynamic and innovative analytical software such as Waydev to incorporate into your analytical processes.




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