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Waydev for Data-driven software development management

Improve your software development process with quantitative metrics and monitor improvement in productivity while teaching your team the best practices for commits.

Our Solutions for Data-Driven Software Development Management

Discover successful examples of how the engineering leaders at Sky.One and Nowcom found a data-driven way to look at their software management process.

Data driven Agile management that boosts your software development process

Engineering managers at Nowcom, a leading provider of Internet applications and business solutions for the used car market, have achieved data-driven software engineering with Waydev.

With Waydev CIOs and executive stakeholders can make data-driven decisions regarding their software development team’s progress by:

Keep your team’s software development workflow on track

Any development business can now get better visibility, increase velocity and improve performance of their organization through a data driver way of working: 

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Deliver software efficiently by applying data-driven tracking to your development process

View and compare previous software development performance and gain an understanding of your team’s previous sprint or quarter performance. 


“What did we gain after the implementation?  A data-driven way to look at things. I know where I can be more productive. I know where I need to spend more time with my team. I’m pretty sure now I know how to plan ahead so we can be more productive.” –  Fabio Souza,  Research and Development Manager at Sky.One

Data-driven management of software development teams

When Data Driven Software Development Businesses meet Agile Analytics

Granular access: Assign role-based access to our features for your finance software development teams and protect sensitive data. 

SSO: Reduce the need for unsafe password management strategies with SSO and two-factor authentication. 

The simplicity of the onboarding process: Sign in to your code hosting platform, authorize access, choose the repositories you want to analyze, and then simply load the project.

24/7 Support: Time is, literally, money in data driven finance. Thus, getting all your questions answered in minutes makes a difference.

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