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Measure AI adoption with the Waydev Software Engineering Intelligence platform

December 13th, 2023
Software Engineering Intelligence
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In the rapidly evolving landscape of software engineering, efficiency and productivity are paramount. GitHub CoPilot has emerged as a transformative tool, offering real-time coding assistance that significantly boosts the speed and accuracy of code generation. However, to truly understand and maximize the benefits of CoPilot, integrating analytics tools like Waydev is crucial. Let’s explore how Waydev can help quantify the impact of GitHub CoPilot in a large engineering organization.

1. Increased Productivity

2. Reduced Onboarding Time

3. Increased Commit Frequency

4. Developer Engagement


The adoption of GitHub CoPilot in a large engineering organization can lead to significant improvements in productivity, onboarding efficiency, commit frequency, and developer engagement. Using a comprehensive analytics tool like Waydev provides a clear, data-driven picture of these benefits, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and fully leverage the potential of CoPilot in their software development processes. As the technology landscape continues to evolve, tools like GitHub CoPilot and Waydev will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of efficient and effective software engineering.

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