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Engineering Managers – Measure your engineers’ output and adjust your decisions accordingly. Direct your meetings driven by data and communicate effectively with senior leadership. Eliminate bottlenecks and increase velocity.

Software Engineers – Focus on the things that matter and let the data tell the story for you. Make yourself and your work noticed. Continuously attempt to improve.

Product Leaders – Increase product shipping velocity by gaining an overview of the project, spotting issues timely and swiftly adapting. Stop providing the stakeholders with a story-based product timeline and start displaying concrete data.

Executives –  Increase engineering productivity by at least 20% in a matter of months. Gain a clear picture of the engineering process, make data-driven decisions and measure engineering success.

WAYDEV FOR DAILY STANDUPSEngineer effectiveness for your daily standup

Get the complete visibility of your team. With a data-driven story of how everyone is doing.

Work Log Mapped team contributions and work habits

Zoom in to all commits and pull requests an engineer creates, so you can make better decisions, set expectations proactively, and help your team improve over time.

Daily Update Check the velocity of your team

Track the evolution of your team's velocity sprint over sprint. Find out where yesterday's work focus went and direct your efforts to accomplish your goals.


Teams Stats Unified view of your engineering teams contribution

Gain a comprehensive view of all team stats from Waydev. Customize the report to your own requirements.

Team Compare Track the progress of your engineering teams

See how engineering teams perform compared to the previous sprint, month, or quarter. View how work dynamics shift.


Time Card See when do engineers commit most

Use the Time Card feature to schedule meetings according to data and enable a nondisruptive engineering flow.

Inactivity Achieve a continuous delivery workflow

Make sure each of your engineers is actively involved in the development process.


Sprints Visualize sprint risk

Keep a pulse on your sprint progress. Mitigate sprint risk using the forecast model. Identify capacity issues and scope creep.

Waydev is the new agile data-driven method of tracking engineers' output directly for your git repos without their manual input


No more guessing, get granular visibility to manage your team’s better with objective data


Understand insights in real-time, reduce engineering cycle time and increase your development speed


Improve efficiencies, speed up product development and drive up productivity

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