Introducing Custom Metrics
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Introducing Custom Metrics

March 29th, 2023
Development Analytics
Product Update
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We are excited to announce that Waydev is the first platform in the market to provide a way for engineering leaders to customize their own metrics. The launch of Custom Metrics enables engineering leaders to tailor their metrics according to their unique needs

With Waydev’s Custom Metrics, you can now leverage your own variables and formulas to track a wider range of data points beyond what Waydev’s default metrics offer.

1. Configure your Event Types

Before customising your software development metrics, configure “Events Types.” To do so, navigate to “Settings,” scroll down to the “Event Types” section and click “Configure.”

Once the “Event Types Configuration” modal appears, you can configure custom event types that you can send to Waydev via the API. When done, click “Submit Changes.”

2. Create your Custom Metrics

To create your own Custom Metrics, navigate to “Setup” -> “Custom Metrics”

The first step of creating a custom metric consists in:

3. Define your Variables 

Now, it’s time to define your variables. Start by selecting a metric category (Code, Pull Requests, CI/CD, or Event) to do this.

After selecting the category, all metrics from that category will be displayed on the right side of the modal – the Custom Events you configured in the setting section and all of the default Waydev metrics.

Select up to 7 metrics from the list and click “Next Step.”

4. Create your Formula 

In the next step, you’ll create the formula. Each variable you selected in the previous step has a symbol that you will use to create your formula.

You can use the following operations in your formula:

“+” plus
“-” minus
“*” multiply
“/” divide
“^” raise

To test your formula, you can add “Test Values” to your variables.

5. Preview and test 

The next step is selecting the Preview Type, Preview Period (Timeframe), Preview Teams, and Preview Developers. When done, click “Create Metric.”

6. See your custom metrics

To see your Custom Metrics, you need to add them to a Dashboard. The Custom Metrics can be displayed in the “Metric Card” and “Metric Number” widgets.

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