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Waydev Updates: Team Compare

December 6th, 2023
Development Analytics
Product Update
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We’re excited to launch Team Compare: our innovative report was crafted to merge and reinvent the Team Performance and Team Progress reports. Effortlessly compare teams’ performance, analyzing their progress in one unified view.

With Team Compare, select up to six teams to compare their performance across chosen metrics. Experience a tailored view with card viewtable viewscatter view, or radar view, ensuring an insightful and comprehensive comparison.

Quickly assess team progress with our intuitive card view. Green bars indicate improvement over the previous period, while red bars highlight areas where performance has declined. This visual representation makes it easy to track progress and identify areas needing attention at a glance.

Gain all the insights from our previous Team Performance Report, now enhanced with customizable features and a color-coded system. This intuitive design allows you to easily gauge how your teams perform against company benchmarks, offering a clear, visual understanding of their progress and areas for improvement.

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