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Waydev 2023 in Review: DX, DORA Metrics, and the SPACE Framework

December 26th, 2023
Development Analytics
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As we reflect on the year 2023, Waydev has made remarkable progress in enhancing the Software Engineering Intelligence landscape. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to our dedicated Waydev team, whose tireless efforts and innovative thinking have driven these advancements. Our heartfelt thanks also go out to our loyal customers, whose trust and engagement with our platform have been the cornerstone of our growth and evolution. Additionally, we extend our sincere appreciation to our investors, whose support and belief in our vision have been instrumental in our journey. This year has been marked by significant new features, such as a Dark Theme, new features for DORA metrics and SPACE framework, and the Waydev AI Copilot, as well as insightful contributions to industry-leading publications like Forbes and TechCrunch. These achievements represent not just our commitment to excellence but also our dedication to empowering engineering teams and leaders with the best platform and insights for success.

Understanding The Change Failure Rate – Article in Forbes 

The Change Failure Rate (CFR) is a metric that measures the frequency with which errors or problems arise for customers following a deployment to production. Learn more about this metric in the latest article our CEO and co-founder, Alex, wrote for Forbes.

About Change Failure Rate

DORA metrics enabled engineering leaders to get clear views on their software development, delivery processes and improve DevOps performance. DevOps teams use DORA metrics to measure their performance and determine whether they are “low performers” or “elite performers”. Learn more about Change Failure Rate and how to lower it here.

 Understanding the Capitalization of Software Development

Software capitalization can provide advantages for your company’s net income through amortization or depreciation of costs. Waydev can help navigate the intricacies of choosing what costs you can capitalize instead of expensing. Learn more about how Waydev can help apply software capitalization to the Agile method here.

Jira Workflow: What Are the Best Practices for Minimizing Sprint Risks 

In this article, we will explore some best practices for minimizing sprint risks in Jira Workflow, including effective planning, thorough testing, and proactive communication. By following these guidelines and utilizing the power of Waydev integration, you can ensure that your sprints run smoothly and deliver the desired results.

15 Great Questions to Ask at a Board Meeting in a Tech Organization

The questions outlined in this article provide a comprehensive list of topics that could be addressed at a board meeting in a tech organization. From measuring the performance of technology systems and infrastructure to optimizing for scalability and security, these questions are designed to help ensure that the organization is making informed decisions about its technology strategy and priorities.

Feeling Distracted? 10 Tricks For Getting Your Focus Back On Track – Article in Forbes 

If you find yourself distracted, wasting precious time, and unable to focus on your tasks, it’s likely you’re not being as productive at work as you’d like. Our CEO and co-founder, Alex, was featured in a Forbes article talking about getting back on track when being distracted.

16 Ways Tech Leaders Can Help Their Teams Overcome A ‘Holiday Hangover”

Our CTO and co-founder, Valentin, was featured in Forbes with his opinion on getting back on track after a “Holiday Hangover”. Read more about getting back into the groove after an extended break here.

Waydev with Dark Theme

We are thrilled to share that Waydev Dark Theme is now live! The dark mode updates every color, symbol, and font in the app to give it a darker appearance and you can view all your reports in a cool, new dark theme!

Targets 2.0

You can now translate uncovered opportunities to action by setting measurable targets with the improved Targets feature. Set targets for each metric within Waydev and improve your teams’ effectiveness, visualizing each target’s progress in graphs. Increase performance by setting targets for every category of metrics: Culture, Activity, and Efficiency.

The DORA Metrics: About Deployment Frequency – Article in Forbes

Deployment Frequency refers to the rate at which changes or updates are made to a software application or system and deployed into production.

Read more about Deployment Frequency in the latest article Valentin, our CTO and co-founder, wrote for Forbes.

12 Smart Steps For Building A Comprehensive And Effective IT Budget – Article in Forbes 

Our CTO and co-founder, Valentin, was featured in Forbes, sharing some tips on building a comprehensive and effective IT budget. Read more about the essential checkboxes to tick when building an IT budget here.

Change Failure Rate – A DORA Metric Explained

CFR is a metric that measures the percentage of changes that fail in a given period. This metric is crucial for tech organizations as it provides insights into the effectiveness of their change management processes. By tracking CFR, teams can identify and address issues in their deployment pipeline, reducing the likelihood of failures and improving the quality of their changes. Read more about Change Failure Rate here.

DX Developer Experience and Its Role in Modern Software Development

The importance of understanding DX cannot be overstated. Evaluating DX allows organizations to identify and address issues that affect the productivity, satisfaction, and success of developers. By improving DX, businesses can increase innovation, improve product quality, and gain a competitive edge in the software development market. Read more about Developer Experience and its role in software development here.

How To Set And Manage Key Performance Indicators For Software Engineering Teams – Article in Forbes

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations need to measure their performance and progress towards achieving their goals. That’s where key performance indicators (KPIs) come in. Learn more about setting and managing KPIs from this Forbes article our CEO and co-founder, Alex, wrote.

Sprint Planning Tips And Tricks For Software Development Leaders – Article in Forbes

As a software development leader, sprint planning is one of the critical steps in the agile software development process. Alex, our CEO, and co-founder shares a few sprint planning tips in his latest Forbes article.

Development Value Stream: Defining DVS in the SAFe Framework

In this article, we will focus on the Development Intelligence Value Stream, a crucial component of SAFe that helps measure team performance and delivers value to customers. Organizations can optimize their Development Intelligence Value Stream for better efficiency and effectiveness by understanding the processes involved and using the right tools and software developer performance metrics.

Introducing Custom Metrics

We are excited to announce that Waydev is the first platform in the market to provide a way for engineering leaders to customize their own metrics. The launch of Custom Metrics enables engineering leaders to tailor their metrics according to their unique needs

With Waydev’s Custom Metrics, you can now leverage your own variables and formulas to track a wider range of data points beyond what Waydev’s default metrics offer.

Waydev Interview with Nathen Harvey, Talking About the Importance of Digging Deeper Beyond DORA Metrics

The Waydev team recently had the opportunity to talk to Nathen Harvey, developer advocate at Google Cloud and DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment). We discussed the common interest in advancing DORA Metrics and helping organizations improve their software delivery and operational performance. In his role at Google Cloud, Nathen focuses his attention on DORA and advancing the research program in the field of software delivery performance. He strives to make the research actionable and helps teams put it into practice.

Nathen Harvey’s statement about DORA metrics highlights the importance of going beyond the key measures and digging deeper to truly understand and improve performance. Waydev team’s conversation with Nathen further emphasizes the significance of continuous improvement and the value of tools like Waydev in helping engineering teams achieve better visibility and progress. The DORA Community and its various resources serve as a testament to the growing interest in and importance of advancing DevOps Research and Assessment.

DORA Metrics through API

We changed the way DORA Metrics are tracked in Waydev, and we are using signals from your Git provider. It is now necessary for you to set up and configure your DORA Metrics. You must select what Waydev should count as a deploy or a failure. This can be easily accomplished by following the step-by-step instructions provided in our documentation.

This update introduces Advanced DORA Metrics Settings, allowing you to choose the deployment and failure definitions for each specific repository, application, or integration.

With this added flexibility, you can tailor your DORA metrics setup to better align with your team’s unique needs and workflows, giving you deeper insights into your development process and helping you identify areas for improvement.


Applications are the new Waydev feature that allows you to group multiple repositories, teams, and boards into a single Application. Once set up, you can filter your reports based on these applications. Learn how to set up your applications in our documentation.

Targets Update

To keep track of your Targets, you can now visualize them in the Targets Dashboard from the Dashboards section in the sidebar menu. All the targets you’ll set will be displayed here in a color-coded dashboard (Green: Going well; Red: Action needed; Yellow: Attention needed; Blue: No target set). Follow the step-by-step instructions for setting up your targets in our documentation.

Multiple Dashboards

You can now set multiple Dashboards as Active in your Waydev account. After switching on the toggle for the Dashboards you want Active, they’ll appear in the sidebar menu under “All Dashboards”. Follow the step-by-step instructions in our documentation and learn how to set your dashboards as active.

Mean Time To Recovery—A DORA Metric Explained – Article in Forbes 

Mean Time to Recovery is a DORA metric that captures the severity of an impact. This metric shows how efficiently engineering teams are fixing problems. Learn more about this metric in the latest Forbes article by our CEO and co-founder, Alex.

 How To Measure And Improve Cycle Time – Article in Forbes 

Cycle Time serves as the speedometer for engineering teams, providing valuable insights into their development process. By measuring and improving Cycle Time, teams can accelerate innovation, stay ahead of the competition and attract and retain the best talent. Learn about Cycle Time and how to improve it in this Forbes article our CTO and co-founder, Valentin, wrote.

Track the right metrics to improve your developers’ work experience – Article in TechCrunch

To improve Developer Experience, engineering leaders should monitor engineer satisfaction and performance using new and holistic metrics. This TechCrunch article, written by our co-founder and CEO, Alex, suggests some steps that tech companies can take to understand and improve their developers’ experience.

Using DORA Metrics in Assessing DevOps Maturity Levels

The DevOps maturity model outlines the stages organizations go through when adopting DevOps practices. Waydev’s all-in-one DORA Metrics Dashboard can help teams assess their performance and improve by streamlining processes and using DevOps best practices. The goal is to align product development and monitoring processes with the DevOps product-approach maturity model. This article defines the model’s characteristics, five stages, and ways to assess and improve DevOps practices.

DORA Metrics: Discover the New, User-Friendly Design for Visualizing Your Metrics in Waydev

Experience the enhanced visibility of DORA Metrics with our latest update! Now you can view all the graphs at the same time, thanks to our four separate widgets on the DORA Metrics page. Customize your view by choosing to display the graphs as bars, stacks, or areas, and select whether you prefer to see the metrics by weeks or months.

Setting KPIs For Software Development Teams As An Engineering Leader – Article in Forbes

It’s important to track, measure and assess the performance of your software development teams as an engineering leader. This way, you ensure that you’ll come up with the highest quality product. This approach will help your team become more efficient and also help you generate substantial benefits in the long run. Read more about setting KPIs as an engineering leader in the latest article I published in Forbes.

How to Measure Developer Experience: A Guideline to 9 Essential DX Metrics 

Developer Experience refers to how developers feel about the tools and platforms they use to build, test, and deliver software. Being able to measure DX is crucial to understanding how DX impacts productivity and efficiency, and it’s also vital to find ways to optimize it. Read more about DX and the metrics to track to improve Developer Experience in our latest article.

Software Delivery Excellence Metrics – How to Identify and Use Them to Scale Your Business

Delivery excellence is a cultural framework that refers to continuously improving your processes to deliver the best value to customers. Delivery Excellence derives from the Lean enterprise, and it’s a customer-focused approach to managing software development projects. Learn more about software delivery excellence metrics and how to identify and use them to scale your business in our latest article.

New: Contributor Insights 

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest report: Contributor Insights. This powerful dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your engineering team members’ recent activities, better understanding their work and helping you stay up-to-date on their progress.

With Contributor Insights, you’ll gain access to a variety of valuable reports, including an individual Work-log, a detailed Work Breakdown, an Active Issues list, a Recent Activity list, a Pull Request Activity list, and a Recent Risky Commits list. These reports are designed to help you quickly identify any potential issues or areas for improvement while also allowing you to celebrate your team’s successes and achievements.

New: Team Insights

We’re thrilled to introduce “Team Insights,” a new report that encapsulates your team’s recent activities to understand your team’s progress better and enable informed strategic decisions. This comprehensive report comes packed with insightful metrics, such as a Cycle Time Average Breakdown, a Pull Request Activity Graph, an Issue Breakdown, a Work-Log, and various other widgets. Each of these widgets is designed to offer a unique lens into your team’s performance.

New: Export your Dashboard

We’re excited to announce a that any dashboard you create can now be exported as a PNG or PDF. This allows you share your reports with ease. Simply select the dashboard you wish to export and click on the “Export” button located in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Tips For Implementing The SPACE Framework In A Remote Work Environment – Article in Forbes

Opportunities and newer ways of living and working can often be made possible by crises. The Covid-19 pandemic introduced the new normal of remote work culture. As more software developers opt for a remote work environment, CTOs and VPs of software engineering are exploring ways to analyze, assess and improve developers’ productivity. The SPACE framework is an example of an innovative methodology that can produce excellent results in any working environment. Read more about implementing the SPACE Framework in the latest article our CTO and co-founder, Valentine, published in Forbes.

Waydev Dashboard Update: Introducing ‘Teams’ for Graph Display!

Unveiling the latest addition to our graph display options – “Teams”! Now effortlessly track and compare metrics across various teams. The data of each team gets a unique color on a unified graph, ensuring clarity.

How DORA Metrics And SPACE Framework Can Transform Your Business – Article in Forbes

In the fast-paced, technology-driven business environment, continuous improvement is key for staying ahead. Engineering leaders are crucial in this effort, ensuring their teams deliver consistent value. The SPACE Framework and DORA Metrics are two powerful frameworks that businesses can use to drive significant enhancements in product development and delivery. These frameworks can help businesses meet customer needs and secure their ongoing success. Read more about the two frameworks and how they drive business success in the latest article our CEO and co-founder, Alex, wrote for Forbes.

Waydev DORA Metrics Update: Benchmarking

Our DORA metrics now come with robust benchmarks, distilled from a comprehensive study of nearly 2,000 development teams. Elevate your team’s performance assessment and keep pace with industry standards, all within Waydev.

New: Supporting Kanban

Boost your teams’ productivity with our enhanced Velocity Report. Now compatible with both Scrum and Kanban methodologies, this update ensures seamless navigation based on your board type. Be it sifting through specific Sprints in a Scrum setting, or accessing tickets on a Kanban board, our enhanced Velocity Report aligns with your workflow.

Agile Methodology: Benefits And Challenges For Engineering Leaders – Article in Forbes

Agile prioritizes adaptability, collaboration, and customer satisfaction in software development. Using frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban ensures quality and flexibility. Embrace the future of software excellence. Read more about the benefits and challenges of the Agile methodology in the latest article Valentine, our CTO and co-founder, published in Forbes.

New: Metric Definitions

We integrated new, complex definitions for the metrics in Waydev,  in addition to information on how to improve metrics and the industry benchmarks for each of them. Hover over any metric in the dashboard and click “Learn more” to see a modal containing the following information:

New: Configure Ticket Projects 

You can now configure ticket projects for all ticketing integrationsJira, Azure Boards, and ClickUp, to ensure real-time and accurate data on ongoing sprints. This update enables you to use the following reports:

Tips For Implementing SAFe Across Engineering Organizations – Article in Forbes

Discover the power of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) for engineering organizations. It’s not just about scaling but about enhanced alignment across teams, swift market-responsive decisions, and amplified productivity, even for systems with rigorous compliance demands. Learn more about how SAFe can be the game-changer for your company in the latest article our CTO and co-founder, Valentin, wrote for Forbes.

Why Enterprises Should Embrace Data-Driven Software Management – Articol in DevOps

Recent Fortune 500 layoffs mean achieving more with fewer resources. Despite advances in AI integration, the management of engineering teams has not been all that high-tech, highlighting the need for evolution in team management at major companies. Learn more about why enterprises should embrace data-driven software management in the latest article our CEO and co-founder, Alex, wrote for DevOps.

Improved Filters

We’re excited to announce a significant improvement to our platform! Understanding the importance of user experience, we’ve undertaken a major upgrade to our filters. This improvement is designed to make the filtering process much more straightforward and intuitive for you. 

To filter your reports, start by selecting an application and then choose a team within that application. This significant improvement in user experience ensures that navigation and selection are more intuitive, making it easier and more efficient for you to use.

❗️ It’s mandatory to configure your applications and ensure teams and repositories are assigned to them. Without this step, you won’t be able to view any data.

Improved Operational Users

We’re excited to announce that we’ve made significant updates to our Operational Users page. With a focus on clarity and user-friendliness, this improved interface ensures that inviting users and customizing their platform access is not only straightforward but also more efficient than before. We believe these changes will greatly improve your experience as a Waydev user!

Unveiling the Waydev AI Copilot

We unveil the Waydev AI Copilot! More than just a feature, it’s a real-time assistant committed to empowering you to reach your goals. Our starting point? Customized notifications meticulously tailored to cater to your distinct needs.

With Waydev AI Copilot at your side, the intricacies of setting up notification triggers have become a thing of the past. Navigate seamlessly, with our platform guiding you every step of the way. From choosing the pivotal metrics to monitor to setting up values perfectly synced with your specific scenarios, we’ve got you covered.

However, notifications are just the beginning. As we usher in this revolutionary AI era, be prepared for an evolvedreal-time assistant, intricately designed for the unique demands of your organization.

How engineering leaders can use AI to optimize performance – Article in TechCrunch

AI is transforming engineering leadership. In a recent TechCrunch article, I delve into how, by analyzing patterns and behaviors, AI is setting new benchmarks for goal-setting, team performance, and data analysis. Discover these advancements in this article as this technology reshapes our approach to team management.

Improved UI for the Teams Management page

We’ve updated our Teams Management interface to make it even easier for you to handle your teams and contributors. This new look is all about making things straightforward and quick for you.

Please check the documentation on how to do the following:

New: Team Compare

Launching Team Compare: our innovative report was crafted to merge and reinvent the Team Performance and Team Progress reports. Effortlessly compare teams’ performance, analyzing their progress in one unified view.

With Team Compare, select up to six teams to compare their performance across chosen metrics. Experience a tailored view with card viewtable viewscatter view, or radar view, ensuring an insightful and comprehensive comparison.

Quickly assess team progress with our intuitive card view. Green bars indicate improvement over the previous period, while red bars highlight areas where performance has declined. This visual representation makes it easy to track progress and identify areas needing attention at a glance.

Measure AI adoption with the Waydev Software Engineering Intelligence Platform

Our latest article focuses on how Waydev can precisely measure and analyze AI adoption and effectiveness in large engineering organizations, offering vital insights for optimizing workflows and enhancing productivity.

The Pillars Of Great DX (Developer Experience) – Article in Forbes

The success of software development projects depends on the final product and the Developer Experience (DX). In this article, Valentine, our CTO and co-founder, explores the significance of DX in the context of the contemporary software development world and why the developer experience is vital, especially for large businesses.

About the Waydev AI Copilot

The Waydev AI Copilot is a new, innovative real-time assistant designed for Waydev customers. It simplifies the management of notifications, aiding in setting them up and selecting relevant metrics. Tailored to individual user needs, it ensures access to essential information at the right time. This feature marks the beginning of Waydev’s journey into AI-powered assistance. Learn more about the Waydev AI Copilot in our latest video.

About Developer Experince (DX)

Developer Experience (DX) is essential in software development, impacting efficiency, productivity, and product quality. Good DX leads to smoother project execution and quicker market delivery, while neglecting it can result in productivity and quality issues. Waydev’s commitment to positive DX aims to ensure overall project success and faster development cycles.

Waydev’s Executive Reports

Waydev’s executive reports offer a real-time, comprehensive overview of team performance and resource allocation aimed at enhancing efficiency and software delivery. These reports help engineering executives optimize team dynamics, identify improvement opportunities, and align software velocity with quality goals. Learn more about our executive reports in our latest video.

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