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BlueOptima Alternative – A Comprehensive Comparison

August 15th, 2020
Development Analytics
Software developer performance metrics
Software developer productivity metrics
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If you are looking for a BlueOptima alternative, read below to find out more about Waydev, the Top Performing Developer Analytics tool, according to G2.Engineering leaders need solid ground for their decisions. This solid ground can be obtained by analyzing the engineers’ activity. However, doing all this work manually will prove to be laborious and demanding. This is why we suggest using Developer Analytics tools, also known as Git Analytics, such as Waydev and BlueOptima. Developer Analytics tools offer automated reports based on real-time data, providing engineering leaders with an honest, quantitative view of the developers’ work.

Getting Started with Waydev or BlueOptima

When getting started with Waydev, the process is quite straightforward. Firstly, you have to request a trial, wait for approval, and start setting up your account. You will be required to connect your Git repos after your first sign in.Waydev strives to offer a complete, streamlined experience. For this, they support integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, Jira, and their on-premise counterparts. After connecting your Git repos, your software development metrics will be available in the app.BlueOptima introduces software development metrics that enable companies to automate, standardize, and objectify engineering resources management. While you need to request a demo to get an idea of BlueOptima’s requirements, it offers integrations similar to Waydev – BitBucket, GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, Jira, and more.

Performance Analytics

Software development is an extremely competitive industry. This means that executive decisions have to be made with absolute precision and grounded on data. The most effective way to obtain the required data is to use the performance analytics tools available on the market, study, and understand the metrics they offer.While both Waydev and BlueOptima focus on providing software engineering performance metrics to enable effective engineering management decisions, they differ in how they present the data.This section will show an overview of how both of these tools help you visualize data and track performance. Waydev’s main performance tracking tools are: BlueOptima comes with a different approach to data and also different metrics:

Waydev vs BlueOptima Pricing

Waydev pricing is split into three pricing tiers: Pro, Premium, and Enterprise. Read more about each pricing plan to find one that suits your organization. BlueOptima has three price tiers as well:

Waydev vs BlueOptima – Different Approaches to Developer Analytics

Both of these developer analytics tools have unique features that suit different organization needs. Waydev balances code-level analytics, pull request metrics, and project management insights, while also offering more customization options and enterprise-level access control. Organizational layers can capitalize on the flexibility offered by Waydev through the wide array of functionalities.When it comes to developer analytics, BlueOptima provides two directions. Firstly, predictive assessment through the developer analytics they provide, and global benchmarking by using their internal benchmarks to compare to industry peers. They recommend using their tool to align your costs and productivity levels to the global standards.

Waydev Reviews

“Waydev helped us reduce the overall friction between managers and developers because managers can now see what each engineer is doing daily. Its positive impact can be seen in the throughput of our teams. It also helped during our mid-year performance reviews, which generally, took hours to prepare. I like the fact that it has an easy onboarding. We also had several real-time coaching sessions where they helped us debug our teams’ metrics (which seemed a bit overwhelming at first), and provided recommendations on how to use each of their features. I love their responsiveness on the live chat.”

Switching from BlueOptima to Waydev

If you are looking to switch from BlueOptima to Waydev or searching for BlueOptima alternatives, this article will assist you in deciding which of these tools is best suited for your needs. Waydev and BlueOptima are two of the best developer analytics tools in the market. However, their use-cases are different. BlueOptima is oriented towards project planning and cost control. On the other side, Waydev is designed for Engineering Managers, CTOs, and VPs of Engineering, and it provides a holistic view of the software development process.If you haven’t decided on what tool is suitable for your organization, both offer a trial. Sign up for a 30-day trial with Waydev here.Or if you want to find out more about how Waydev can help you, schedule a demo.

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