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June Updates: Added PR Stats to Team & Developer Progress, Hide Developers’ Names, Azure DevOps Server Integration, and more

July 1st, 2020
Azure DevOps Server integration
Code Review Stats
Product Update
Pull Request Stats
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Added PR Stats to Team Progress & Developer Progress

We’ve added PR stats to the Team Progress and the Developer Progress features. You can learn more about the new PR stats here.


Hide Developers’ Names

If you want to hide developers’ names from other users in the platform, you can do it by following this guide.


Azure DevOps Server Integration

Starting today, we’re integrating with Azure DevOps Server. Learn more about how connecting Azure DevOps Server to Waydev here.


Dashboard Improvements and More

You can now sort individual engineer stats in the Dashboard. You can do this by clicking on each metric’s name.


The Activity Heatmap now displays the time zone used for the stats.

We added ThroughputProductive Throughput, and Commits/ Active Day in Targets.


You can now view more than 5 engineers in the Work Log, using the Per Page filter.


We created a new Role Management permission – Assign all repos. Providing this permission automatically assigns any newly added repos to users with this permission.


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