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New Flow Diagram, New Work Log, New Sprints Report

October 20th, 2021
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Let us share a sneak peek of what we’re launching soon: a new Work Log, the Flow Diagram (starting from the ticket to PRs and commits), the new Sprints report (view ticket progress), our new ROI calculator, and a case study from Carrier.

Work Log [NEW]

We redesigned the Work Log to help you visualize activity in a tidier way. Tickets can be color-coded according to their type (bug, customer request, etc.), and you can now switch the view between team-level and individual-level activity.

Flow Diagram – Work Log [NEW]

You can now visualize a flow diagram of your teams’ activities, to help you get more traceability of work from ticket to PR and commit.

Sprints Report [NEW]

We’ve redesigned the Sprints report as a ticket activity log, which aggregates PR, commit, and ticket data to create a holistic view of your initiatives’ progress.

You can get alerted whenever risk conditions happen (such as a PR merged without review, no activity for more than 5 days, and more), and you can visualize the progress of your sprints.

Waydev ROI Calculator

Calculate the ROI of Waydev Premium based on your engineering department size, the type of work you do, how you structure your engineering teams, the methodologies you follow, and your headcount forecast.

Waydev is SOC 3 certified

The SOC 3 certification provides the highest level of recognition of operational compliance that an organization can receive. Read more about our SOC 3 certification here.


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