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December 4th, 2019
Code Review
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Today we’ve launched Review & Collaborate  with features like Review Workflow, Review Collaboration, and PR Resolution:

Review WorkFlow

Review Workflow shows all the Pull Requests that were open at any time during the selected period. PRs opened before the selected period are included if they were open during the selected period. Use this report as your starting place for a birds-eye view of all Pull Request activity.

 Review Collaboration

Review Collaboration shows collaboration stats between the submitters and the reviewers. Submitter stats are: responsiveness (average time it takes to respond to a comment), comments addressed (the percentage of Reviewer comments that were responded to with a comment or a code revision), receptiveness (the ratio of follow-on commits to comments) and unreviewed PRs (the percentage of PRs submitted that had no comments). Reviewer stats are: reaction time (the average time it took to respond to a comment), involvement (the percentage of PRs that a reviewer, team or organization participated in), influence (the ratio of follow-on commits to comments made in PRs) and review coverage (the percentage of code blocks reviewed).

review collaboration report

PR Resolution

PR Resolution shows a time to close work trend graph for the selected period as well as pull requests metrics.

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