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Learn how the Engineering Leaders at Rey were able achieve engineering excellence using Waydev

The tool is useful in ensuring the work-life balance and making sure our teams have discipline.

Bobby Siagian
CTO and Co-Founder at Rey is a dedicated and integrated health insurtech. The company integrates technology to innovate the insurance industry providing its customers with comprehensive and holistic health, accidental, and critical illness protection. Rey is the first insurtech in Indonesia’s start-up landscape to integrate digital insurance, healthcare ecosystem, and wellness features into one end-to-end experience.
Rey offers a modern approach to conventional insurance — it’s a platform-based, simplified insurance experience, taking on the new form of a subscription model that has been gaining popularity during the last couple of years. Adapting to fulfill the unmet social and healthy lifestyle needs brought Rey these new opportunities to deliver more affordable and much-needed healthcare services to Indonesians — Rey’s CTO and Co-Founder Bobby Siagian

The engineering leaders at Rey have been using Waydev for a year and have decided to tell us more about their experience. Bobby Siagian, the CTO and co-founder of Rey, shares with us how he and his team are using Waydev and what are his favorite metrics.

What challenges were you looking to solve with a development analytics platform like Waydev?

We are a health insurance and technology company. Our customers have a membership, and we take care of their health condition. They can talk to the doctor online or offline, and we combine the data.

When it comes to software development analytics, it is quite challenging because there are always questions like “how can I monitor my team’s performance?”, “how do I ensure the work-life balance in my team?” and “how can I track the cost spent on features?”.

We are using three pillars when we measure performance, and it’s not only from Waydev. At first, we look at the general metrics from Waydev, then we look at our project management tools, and lastly, there is 360 feedback. We can improve our teams’ performance by circling between these three pillars. We might have good numbers in code and good progress in Jira, but at the end of the day, as a team player in a company, engineers should be able to have an impact so that we can help them – we can help them with their code, with their tasks or give them some ideas. These are the three pillars that we use in Rey.

We also have bi-weekly sharing sessions where the developers can share anything – the code or their experience. Every engineering manager has one-on-one sessions with their teams to check their performance. They are using Waydev to see if there are any difficulties with the code, projects, logic, and algorithms. When we check the dashboard, we see how long deployment is taking or how long it takes for a PR to be merged, and my team can provide me with a lot of insight about what’s going on there as a manager in a one-on-one, and I can also help solve bottlenecks.

What are the benefits of using Waydev within your team?

There are a lot of things we get from using Waydev. I’ve been using software development analytics since 2018 when I was using one of your competitors.

This is a very good tool because it gives us an objective view of the performance of our teams. We can see how productive the members of our teams are, the quantity of coding they’ve done, and their golden hours in terms o productivity.

The tool is useful in ensuring the work-life balance and making sure our teams have discipline. We encourage our teams to discipline because behind impact stands discipline. These habits trigger any goals we want to achieve – cost effectiveness, engineering productivity, or work-life balance.

As part of engineering excellence, we adopt the mindset that discipline is the key.

What are the metrics you pay special attention to when using Waydev?

I use four metrics in Waydev: Active Days, Efficiency, Impact, and Commits, which we have a certain target on, so we make sure we reach a number of commits every day.

We also have a weekly status report so we can see how many commits we created in the current week.

Is it only you who is using the platform, or are there any other managers using it?

Everyone has responsibility for their team and can check their team’s performance. Also, I share the data with the Product team and Management team because they need to know how many projects there are and the difficulty of the projects.

Is there any feedback for us or anything you expect from Waydev in the future?

I don’t think of anything specific, but a mobile application would be great because we could check the performance when we’re out of the office.

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