Sky.One Case Study

Learn how the engineering leaders at Sky.One use Waydev in a team-building way

“Now I can’t live without the platform because I have daily reports that help me improve our management and it helps our management team make the right decisions on a daily basis.”

Fabio Souza
Research and Development Manager at Sky.One

Sky.One offers cloud computing solutions, helping companies overcome obstacles encountered in the transition to the cloud. They have been using Waydev for over an year now, and we decided to ask them about their experience.

Tell us more about you and your role at Sky.One

I’m Fabio Souza, and I am currently the Research and Development Manager at Sky.One. I’ve been here for about two or three years now.

Before using Waydev, what were the main challenges you were facing and what were you looking for in a software development analytics tool?

We were not trying to micromanage our team, we were trying to find ways to be more productive We wanted to be more in control of things without micromanaging, to understand where we need to support professionals or where we need to get some clarity. So I started looking for platforms like Waydev and it came up. I think I was the first one here in Latin America and my segment to use the platform.

What did we gain after the implementation?  A data-driven way to look at things. I know where I can be more productive. I know where I need to spend more time with my team. I’m pretty sure now I know how to plan ahead so we can be more productive.

What were the benefits of Waydev in the beginning and what are the benefits of Waydev after one year?

Now I can’t live without the platform because I have daily reports that help me improve our management and helps our management team make the right decisions on a daily basis.

One year later and I can’t live without the platform now.

How do you check the performance of your teams through Waydev?

We are using the two weeks time box for our sprints. Every two weeks, we look back on our performance and our efficiency and the ways to improve or increase our efficiency.

We are always using the markers such as Churn or Help Others. We use all the others, but these two are very important to me because I know where I have to increase my attention and go deeper. The churn presents a real concern for me because you are spending time when you are doing churn.

These are the two big major indicators for me in this two-week time box that we use here.

How has your team benefited from Waydev? 

In the beginning, we looked at other platforms and all other platforms blamed the development teams for not doing their jobs. These platforms are not trying to help them to understand where they can be better.

The way that Waydev helps us is this: How can we do things in a shorter period of time and how can we do things better.

How does your engineering team feel about using Waydev?

They don’t feel like they are being tracked.

We are actually looking at Waydev in a team-building way. We are not looking for someone to blame. We are searching for your weakness so you can improve that and that’s great for my team and for me.

My team actually sees this the same way. They see this as a fortification tool.

What’s the feedback from your executives when it comes to Waydev?

We use the Waydev reports and show them in our quarterly director meetings. Our CTO and C-Level executives look at our indicators from Waydev to see our progress.

Waydev helped me make decisions, showing me which professionals are not doing great and which ones I should bring goals to and perform a one-to-one with them

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