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We love our customers’ and our customer love us

November 4th, 2019
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We’re building Waydev based on our customers’ feedback, in order to understand very well their problems and solving them with Waydev, like this we offer a lot of value for our customers. Recently we receive an awesome review on Capterra from Myles Henaghan, the CTO of Accordo Group; I would like to share with you this awesome review which describes perfectly what we’re doing here:

“We are very happy with Waydev and the team behind it. For years, I have struggled to find an unbiased, low friction way to keep a pulse on developer productivity.

Waydev closes off a big piece of this puzzle. Used in conjunction with other information, we have a 360-degree view and understanding of how the team is performing, as well as a benchmark for good > great.”

Accordo is a global leader in technology lifecycle management and cloud optimization. By combining deep cloud expertise with data science and proprietary technology, we help businesses harness the cloud opportunity by providing actionable insights to increase productivity and deliver profitable outcomes. Guided by 20 years of experience in over 40 countries worldwide, a culture of continuous learning and commitment to innovation, Accordo delivers solutions to enable your business success.

If you’re one of our customers and you like to let us a review, you can do it here:

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