Waydev 2022 in Review
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2022 in review

December 23rd, 2022
Development Analytics
Product Update
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Waydev Named Leader in Development Analytics

This year, Waydev was named Market Leader in G2 Crowd’s Winter, Spring, and Summer Reports. In 2023, we will keep the same high standards for customer success, product development, and happiness in the company, and as we slide into the new year, we’re excited to work together to improve engineering performance. We wish you happy holidays!

New Custom Dashboards 

With our new custom dashboards feature, you can build and customize your dashboards to have the most tailored view of your team’s performance. Alexander explains more about Dashboards in the video below.

DORA Metrics 2.0 & Cycle Time 2.0

You can now measure software delivery efficiency in a more effective way with the improved DORA Metrics and Cycle time. See the PR table within these reports and click on any PR. A modal will appear, containing more data about the Pull Request. In this modal you can see commits, deploys, issues, and reviews associated with the PR and also the Lead Time of the PR.

New Notifications Feature

You can now customize notifications from scratch or from one of our templates. You can choose your own conditions from all our metrics to trigger a notification and you’ll receive it on your live chat system. You can get notified when someone works on weekends or a PR failed. You can also choose who to notify and on what platform.

Improved UI

This year we updated our UI to help you have a better experience on our platform.

Waydev Academy

This year, we released Waydev Academy to help engineering leaders learn more about software development analytics and how to use them to improve their company performance. Learn more about modern data-driven Engineering Leadership here.

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DORA Metrics Playbook

DORA Metrics Playbook

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