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Navigating the Build vs. Buy Decision

Revolutionize Engineering Efficiency: Optimize Cost Capitalization in 2024 with Waydev

6 Tips and Best Practices to Optimize Engineering Budget Planning

TechCrunch: How engineering leaders can use AI to optimize performance

Waydev Updates: Unveiling the Waydev AI Copilot

Waydev July Updates: Introducing Kanban, Configuring Ticket Projects and Metric Defintions

KPIs for Software Engineering Teams: Setting up Performance Metrics and KPIs

Platform Updates: Team Insights, Contributor Insights, and Exporting Capabilities

Platform Updates: Developer Insights, Advanced DORA Metrics Settings, New User-Friendly Design for Visualizing DORA Metrics in Waydev 

Platform Updates: DORA Metrics through API, Applications, Targets 2.0, Multiple Dashboards

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