AWS CodeCommit Integration
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AWS CodeCommit integration, real-time alerts with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat

March 18th, 2022
Product Update
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Let us share with you our latest updates – new integrations with AWS Code Commit, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat. We’ve also launched Branch Filtering for DORA Metrics, and a new case study with our partners – Replicated.

AWS CodeCommit Integration

You can now connect your AWS CodeCommit instance to Waydev to start measuring your engineering teams’ performance. Here’s how to connect your AWS CodeCommit instance to Waydev.

Real-time alerts via Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat Integrations

Starting March 21, you can connect your Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Chat to Waydev and get real-time alerts about your teams’ performance.

DORA Metrics – Branch Filtering

You can now filter your teams’ DORA Metrics by branch, and track delivery performance across master, development, QA, or any other feature branches. Log in to Waydev here and start measuring your teams’ DORA Metrics across any branch.

Replicated Case Study

“Replicated provides commercial and open source tools to streamline the distribution and management of 3rd-party applications in complex enterprise environments. Waydev can have the app deployed on-prem in two hours.” Read more from our case study with Replicated.


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