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MTTR: A Comprehensive Overview of this important DORA Metric

Using DORA Metrics in Assessing DevOps Maturity Levels

Improving Software Performance: Nathen Harvey, DORA Developer Advocate, on the Importance of Digging Deeper Beyond DORA Metrics

Understanding the DORA Metrics and Their Impact on DevOps Performance

Change Failure Rate – A DORA Metric Explained

lead time vs cycle time

Lead Time vs. Cycle Time in software development – what are the main differences, and how to optimize for each 

deployment frequency

Everything You Need to Know About Deployment Frequency and How to Improve It Constantly

The difference between release and deployment in software engineering management (metrics to track)

lead time devops

What does Lead Time for Changes tell you about the efficiency of your organization’s development process?


DevOps metrics and KPIs: what to measure for organizational performance

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