Category: DORA

lead time vs cycle time

Lead Time vs. Cycle Time in software development – what are the main differences and how to optimize for each 

deployment frequency

Everything you need to know about Deployment Frequency and how to improve it constantly

The difference between release and deployment in software engineering management (metrics to track)

lead time devops

What does Lead Time for Changes tell you about the efficiency of your organization’s development process?


DevOps metrics and KPIs: what to measure for organizational performance

People Process Technology

The people, process, technology framework – how to implement and measure it in software development to create an efficient working environment

The Accelerate Four : Key Metrics to efficiently measure DevOps performance

AWS CodeCommit Integration

AWS CodeCommit integration, real-time alerts with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat

GitLab CI/CD Integration, Outlook Calendar Integration, and Operational Users

Waydev Dora Metric

DORA metrics: The 4 Key Metrics For Efficient DevOps Performance Tracking

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