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OKRs Examples and Objective Setting

7 Engineering OKRs You Should Consider for Optimizing Software Engineering Performance: OKRs Examples and Objective Setting

Software Development Cost Reduction

Software Development Cost Reduction: The Best Strategies to Optimize Costs and Scale Your Business

software development team management

Software Development Team Management: 12 Tips for DevOps success

software quality metrics

How to Measure Software Quality Metrics?

Sprints report

Proactive Engineering Management: Leveraging data as a proactive (Software) Engineering Manager

engineering manager responsibilities

A Modern View on an Engineering Manager’s Responsibilities – It’s Harder Than It Looks

how to be a good engineering manager

How to Become the Effective Engineering Manager Your Team Needs (Going From Good to Great)

Cycle Time, New Playbook, and more

January Updates: Cycle Time, New Playbook, and more

Agile Data Driven

Agile Data-Driven: Delivering better software faster

Waydev Engineering Managers e-book

October Updates: Engineering Managers’ Handbook, Featured in Crunchbase, and more

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DORA Metrics Playbook

DORA Metrics Playbook

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