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September 19, 2018

We’ve incorporated Waydev, Inc. on 15 March 2017 and since then we’ve updated with  6 versions of Waydev. Today, we’re happy to push our 7th update, one of the best version for helping non-technical managers understand their developers and increase their productivity.

UI/UX Changes

The last version was focused on showcasing more historical data, now we updated the UI to focus more on your developers’ stats.


  • Active Days – This metric gives transparency on how many days your developer is pushing code to the project
  • Commits/Day – This metric shows how many times a developer checked in code, on an active day.


  • We’ve improved the accuracy & changed the representation of our core metric – Activity Score, from a percentage mode to activity points – these are from 0 to 100. From 0 -20% the activity is moderate,  20% – 50% the activity is good and from 50% – 99% the activity is outstanding.
  • We’ve launched the integration with Gitlab.


We’re working hard to launch our iOS and Android apps and also the integration with Slack.

Curious about the updates? Register / Log-in here to test them out →


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  • blacamp 9 months ago

    money is a major problem tho. Imagine how much it would cost to replace every gas pump and road sign in America to the right units. also, the older generations are more likely going to continue to use the imperial system in their everyday lives because that’s what they grew up on. “Go get be a gallon of milk” is what they’re going to say, not “go get me 5 liters of milk” lol. honestly, it’s a money and cultural thing. It almost happened at one point, but you know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks ??‍♀️ not using this to bash the metric system btw. tbh the metric system makes much more sense

  • waydev 9 months ago


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