Two weeks ago we launched our beta on Product Hunt, and we’ve managed to get in the top 5 products of the day and we’ve managed to get a lot of feedback, we’re loving getting feedback but most of the feedback was from developers and was negative feedback, we knew that, but we didn’t expect that.

We’ve spent some time processing their feedback, and we’ve got it! Due to their feedback, we’ve come with a few significant improvements:

We’ve changed the metrics, from Impact Score to Activity Score
We are tracking the activity of your developers, and our score is represented better with the “Activity Score.”

We’ve eliminated the negative illustration of your team
When we’ve looked at our clients’ data, and we’ve seen more than twenty developers with negative impact, we’ve realized we need to change that. From now on the Activity Score is represented from 0% to 99.9%, where we have three stages of classification:

  • Moderate Activity 0% – 20%
  • Good Activity 20% – 70%
  • Outstanding Activity 70%+

Due to our beta launch, now we’ve come with some technical improvements:

  • Speed improvement – We reduced the processing data time by more than 97%, from a few hours to a couple of minutes.
  • Branches – We’re able to take all your data, not only the master data.
  • Invite your developer – If you don’t have access to your GIT account, you can invite your developer to connect it into your account.
  • Merge developers – Now you’re able to merge the data from more users to one user.

If you created your Waydev account before 15 August, please go into your account and reconnect your GIT provider.

What will come in September:

  • Integration with Gitlab

What will come until the end of the year

  • Integration with Slack
  • Integration with Google Apps
  • A mobile app for iOS
  • A mobile app for Android
  • Zoom in your developer data

Thank you for joining Waydev and our mission of helping the community of non-technical entrepreneurs worldwide ?.

If you what to track your git analytics with Waydev, you can sign up here for a 14 days trial.