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Waydev July Updates: Introducing Kanban, Configuring Ticket Projects and Metric Defintions

August 18th, 2023
Development Analytics
Product Update
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We’re thrilled to introduce our newest updates. Configure ticket projects across all integrations, gain clarity with comprehensive metric definitions, and use the improved Velocity Report, now optimized for Kanban.

Configure Ticket Projects

You can now configure ticket projects for all ticketing integrations: Jira, Azure Boards, and ClickUp, to ensure real-time and accurate data on ongoing sprints. This update enables you to use the following reports:

Configure your ticket projects to ensure that you’ll have accurate and real-time data regarding your boards. Use this update to improve your workflow and keep a close watch on your project’s progress.

Metric Definitions

We integrated new, complex definitions for the metrics in Waydev, in addition to information on how to improve metrics and the industry benchmarks for each of them. Hover over any metric in the dashboard and click “Learn more” to see a modal containing the following information:

Waydev DORA Metrics Update: Benchmarking

Our DORA metrics now come with robust benchmarks, distilled from a comprehensive study of nearly 2,000 development teams. Elevate your team’s performance assessment and keep pace with industry standards, all within Waydev.

Supporting Kanban

Boost your teams’ productivity with our enhanced Velocity Report. Now compatible with both Scrum and Kanban methodologies, this update ensures seamless navigation based on your board type. Be it sifting through specific Sprints in a Scrum setting, or accessing tickets on a Kanban board, our enhanced Velocity Report aligns with your workflow.

Introducing ‘Teams’ for Graph Display!

Unveiling the latest addition to our graph display options – “Teams”! Now effortlessly track and compare metrics across various teams. The data of each team gets a unique color on a unified graph, ensuring clarity.

Article in Forbes: How DORA Metrics And SPACE Framework Can Transform Your Business

In the fast-paced, technology-driven business environment, continuous improvement is key to staying ahead. Engineering leaders are crucial in this effort, ensuring their teams deliver consistent value. The SPACE Framework and DORA Metrics are two powerful frameworks that businesses can use to drive significant enhancements in product development and delivery. These frameworks can help businesses meet customer needs and secure their ongoing success. Read more about the two frameworks and how they drive business success in the latest article our CEO and co-founder, Alex, wrote for Forbes.

Article in Forbes: Agile Methodology: Benefits And Challenges For Engineering Leaders

Agile prioritizes adaptability, collaboration, and customer satisfaction in software development. Using frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban ensures quality and flexibility. Embrace the future of software excellence. Read more about the benefits and challenges of the methodology in the latest article Valentine, our CTO and co-founder, published in Forbes.

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