Probably you still don’t know if Waydev is the right product for you; I will tell you 5 factors to upgrade:

  • We help you to have better visibility on your team, and you will come prepared in any meeting without spending hours in reports;

  • We help you to find the best team players in your organization, each week, backed by data and not your gut;

  • We benchmarking your stats with the industry, and you can see where you are in term of performance;

  • We help you to compare your work quarter results, and you will see if actually, the work improved.

  • We increase your productivity with up to 25%, any data-driven manager it is tomorrow’s manager because he knows what happened? Where happened? Why happened? and how to solve it.

I created Waydev in order to understand what is the actual output of my engineers and don’t make any bad decisions based on my gut.