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Waydev named Top Performer in G2 Report

November 18th, 2020
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Waydev has been named Top Performer by G2 Crowd’s Winter 2020 Report in the Development Analytics tools category, also known as Git Analytics tools – used to obtain key insights into the development cycle. These tools are helping engineering leaders identify work patterns, trends, and gain insight into roadblocks, code collaboration, technical debt, and much more.

In order to be included in the Development Analytics Tools category, a product has to fulfill these conditions:

Leadership for this category is determined by high levels of customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend, with the mention that these ratings have to come from real users on G2.

Why Top Performers?

Waydev gained the Top Performer award with great ratings for Quality of Support (9.9/10), Ease of Doing Business With (9.8/10), Ease of use (9.3/10), Ease of Setup (9.4/10) and more.

We are honored to receive the Top Performer award from G2 Crowd, known as a leading business solution reviewer. Company profiles are built by product users with real-time, honest reviews. Like this, potential buyers can use real user feedback to make better-informed purchasing decisions. As a consequence, the G2 Crowd Grid features enterprise products that rank high in market presence and user satisfaction.

What our users say about Waydev

The analytics tools are easy to use. Engineers can be organized appropriately into their teams and groups. Comparing performance across is seamless. The ranking system allows us to quickly know who are our top performers and who needs a bit more attention.” – Uche N., Co-Founder & CTO

It uses Git, best for tracking changes in source code so it´s the future of managing teams. I use Agile and have been for years but this is data-driven so makes my life so much easier!” – David C., Founder

My favorite feature is the dashboard with its inbuilt benchmarking capability, this enables us to compare our developers’ performance with others in the market. It is also a great tool to be able to spot productivity problems and fix them quickly.” – Administrator in Information Technology and Services

About Waydev

Waydev is a Development Analytics tool (also known as Git Analytics) that helps engineering managers and executives gain a clear view of the organization’s software development process while driving it effectively. Waydev embraces a Data-Driven Agile method of doing software development. It measures engineering performance automatically from your Git repos, without any manual input. It analyzes Git repos from GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps to help organizations deliver better software faster.

Waydev’s goal is to help engineering leaders (CTOs, VPs, and Engineering Managers) move from a feeling-driven to a data-driven approach. We feature concrete metrics for your daily stand-ups, one-to-one meetings, code review, performance reviews, and benchmarking your stats with the industry.

Especially in these times of remote work, Waydev can help by providing more visibility into your engineering teams’ activity. 

Or if you want to find out more about how Waydev can help you, schedule a demo.


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