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Podcast: Albert Dias – Cofounder & CTO At, one of our customers

June 8th, 2019
Engineering leaders
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I had the pleasure to discover a really good podcast with one of our customers, I hope you will like it.

In today’s podcast, we are really honored to introduce you to our guest who is from UAE and building technology & product for one of the fastest growing travel websites, which is UAE’s first full-service travel e-commerce website. And he is  Albert Dias. Albert is currently playing his role as Co-founder & CTO at is an Internet-based travel agency, based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates and Mumbai, India. Musafir was the UAE’s first full-service travel e-commerce website, launched in 2007 which is also considered as one of the fastest growing travel websites in India. dedicated to providing an inspiring and premium travel experience.

Albert is an e-commerce specialist, he is an expert in scaling technology and building great products with a focus on delivering seamless user experiences. Albert has managed the whole life-cycle of innovation from Ideation to Implementation to Commercialization; he built and managed Product and engineering teams in various cutting-edge technologies at Prior to co-founding Musafir, Albert delivered rich online user experiences for Proximity and before that Albert was Technical Strategist at Wunderman Mena.

Albert has done his BSc Computer Engineering, from the American University of Sharjah.

While talking to Albert we had many interesting learnings, here are some of Albert’s wisdom of thoughts:

  1. Hire people to whom you yourself like to work for.
  2. People who can understand and clear thinking about the problem.
  3. The last important thing is skills. Prefer people who are more skilled, rather than more experienced.
  1. Hunger & willingness to learn
  2. Ability to look at the future
  3. Ability to understand people


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