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Top of the day product on Product Hunt

August 27th, 2018
Product Hunt
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A few days ago we had incredible success with our Product Hunt Launch, we’ve also written an article on HackerNoon where we describe the whole experience. You can still give us feedback and upvote us here:

How to get in TOP #5 products on Product Hunt and get in their newsletter

Because I like the Pareto principle and I don’t like to waste time I will explain what we’ve done in order to get in the top 5 products on Product Hunt.

Set a goal for the Product Hunt Launch

First of all, set a goal: What would you like to achieve? For us, the goal was to be in the first 5 products of the day to reach the next day newsletter, where we expose Waydev to 350000 subscribers.

“Just win baby.” — Al Davis inspired from Ben Horowitz blog post

When to launch?

The most entrepreneurs decide to launch Tuesday and Wednesday, but also then it’s the most competitive because it is in the middle of the week and somebody else will launch too, so you have to decide if your product is good enough to compete.

At Waydev, we didn’t launch until we were sure that the product is ready.

Now, after planning your launch date, the fun begins (gathering resources and setting the strategy as a team effort)

Logo — I would highly recommend getting a nice an visible logo.


Banners—I would recommend having a video or an animated GIF with your product; we’ve chosen to have an animated GIF and a few images of the product. For the animated GIF, we’ve used CloudApp.


Your intro — Sell your story, why you created the product? What problem do you solve? What is that unique in your product? Why the Product Hunt community use your product? It’s also important to offer an incentive; you’re dealing with a community of innovators and a good chance many of your early adopters are among them. Like others before us, we decided to offer 50% off if they use “producthunt” coupon on our website


Your website — Make sure you customize your website for the PH community. For customization, we used Introbar, a very useful and easy-to-set-up add-on.


Blog posting — Write an article on your company blog or personal blog (if you have a following), basically the place where it would gather the most views; it helps push the hype.


Newsletter — Have a newsletter ready to announce to your audience/subscribers you are live on PH. Not all people have an account there, but they may know people that do. The email is best sent out a few hours after the launch so you can give them the direct link.


Product Hunt Ship Newsletter — If you used Ship to launch your upcoming product, you will have a database where you can send them a newsletter directly from the Product Hunt website.

Product Hunt Ship

Social Share —Post and even promote your launch on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, IG — all the social networks you can find, you never know where a PH groupie is spending his social media time.


DM — Direct Message your community and ask for feedback. Don’t be scared to use DMs to announce your PH launch; the whole point is getting people interested, visiting the link and leaving their feedback and thoughts.


Groups — Post to groups you are part of, ask for feedback. There are a lot of groups in Facebook, Telegram where you can promote your product, and you may get valuable feedback. We’re part of Stripe Atlas community, and they helped us a lot.


Comments and feedback from the community — I cannot emphasize how important this is. It is highly valuable to address each comment be it good or bad;


Results —

  • 1510 users on the landing page
  • 286 users in the app
  • 60 accounts

I hope this post was useful and provided some good insights for some upcoming product makers. If you liked the article you can also give us some feedback on Product Hunt

Have a fantastic product launch and keep making awesome things!

Product Hunt official guide —

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