Waydev Academy - Learning about DORA Metrics
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Waydev Academy – Learning about DORA Metrics

May 3rd, 2022
Development Analytics
Product Update
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We are excited to announce that we’ll soon release Waydev Academy, to help engineering leaders learn more about software development analytics and how to measure their teams’ performance, starting with an insightful lesson about the DORA Metrics

DORA metrics have become an industry standard on how elite organizations are at delivering software effectively and are very useful for tracking improvements in our industry over time.

Did we get any better in the last year? This is a question engineering leaders ask themselves a lot.  Understanding DORA metrics help them assess their current status, set goals to optimize their performance, and understand how to do it. 

There are 4 major metrics for measuring software delivery performance:

  1. Lead Time to Changes
  2. Deployment Frequency
  3. Mean Time To Recovery
  4. Change Failure Rate

The benefits of tracking DORA Metrics go well beyond team borders and enable Engineering leaders to make a solid case for the business value of DevOps.

Start measuring your software delivery performance by accessing your DORA metrics dashboard, and get an excellent view of your team’s output with Waydev.


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DORA Metrics Playbook

DORA Metrics Playbook

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