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We’ve launched Waydev Freemium

June 29th, 2021
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We’re one step closer to normalizing a data-driven culture in software engineering.

We’ve been working on it for months and today, we can finally announce the launch of our new Freemium plan.

At Waydev, we want to give engineering managers visibility into their teams’ work and show them a new data-driven way of managing their engineering teams. We aggregate all their data outputs to provide a dashboard of actionable team metrics. 

So they can easily incorporate data into their decision-making and focus on their team’s performance. You can read more about how we’ve helped Fortune 500 companies do this here.


We’ve reached several milestones this year. We added more integrations – Azure Boards, Azure Pipelines, and Slack, more metrics and features like Cycle Time, Custom Reports, and Resource Planning.

We also graduated from the Y Combinator program in February, and this week, we received our SOC 2 Type II certification, the highest security certification in the SaaS industry. It was a year of learning and growth and now, Waydev is a more mature product. 

The Freemium is our offer to help pioneering teams of up to 10 engineers get started with development analytics and deliver better software faster

And for us and everyone else around, the COVID-19 pandemic has also surfaced a new challenge we had to address. We want to help bring together hybrid and remote teams.

But our method is suitable for on-site and remote teams alike, and also async collaboration.

We’ve made it our mission to shift mindsets through data across the entire software engineering industry. And the best way to succeed is by showing teams how to do it.

Here’s what included in the Freemium plan:

And this is how we stack up against 2 of our competitors:

The Freemium went live today on Product Hunt. Feedback from our users is what shapes our product and helps us constantly improve. So, if you have any questions and comments for us, we’ll be more than happy to reply.

You can also apply to try out the Freemium here. We will carefully review all applications and then, select the companies that are best suited to use the tool.

If you want to find out more about how Waydev can help you, schedule a demo. 


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