Waydev October 2022 Updates
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Waydev October 2022 Updates

November 14th, 2022
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Let us share with you our newest updates:

Four Things To Keep In Mind While Using DORA Metrics – Article in Forbes

Our co-founder and CEO, Alex, wrote this Forbes article about DORA Metrics. Read more about the four DORA metrics, their importance, and what to keep in mind when using them here. 

How to Become an Accomplished VP of Engineering: All you need to know, from job description to responsibilities

This article covered the main responsibilities and must-haves to be a successful VP of engineering.

In this job, you must stay on top of everything your team is doing and how the project is evolving. You need to be a leader that knows how to delegate tasks and problem-solve any roadblocks that appear along the way.

Read more about becoming an accomplished VP of Engineering here.

Rey Case Study

The engineering leaders at Rey have been using Waydev for a year and have decided to tell us more about their experience in a case study. Bobby Siagian, the CTO and co-founder of Rey, shares with us how he and his team are using Waydev and what are his favorite metrics.

15 Tools And Methods For Ensuring A Good Front-End Developer Hire – Article in Forbes

Alex, our co-founder and CEO was featured in Forbes with his opinion on hiring good front-end developers. Read more about hiring qualified tech professionals in this Forbes Expert Panel. 

New Jira Configuration Feature

 With our new Jira configuration feature, you can now manage your teams’ workflow more efficiently and improve their performance by calculating metrics based on their unique workflow. 

New Weekly Status Report

You can now customize your weekly status reports, so you’ll always get a quick visualization of what’s most important to you. 

The SPACE Framework

SPACE is a framework designed to measure software engineering productivity in a holistic way. Learn more about the SPACE Framework and how it helps engineering leaders holistically understand developer productivity in our latest video.

More about the SPACE Framework

SPACE is the acronym for satisfaction, performance, activity, communication, and efficiency, and it is meant to capture the most important dimensions of engineering productivity. Learn more about SPACE in this video, in which Mike explains the framework and the pillars of software development productivity.

Accelerate – The four key metrics

The book Accelerate is based on a four-year research that included thousands of companies. The authors of Accelerate linked the four key metrics from lean manufacturing principles: Deployment Frequency, Mean Time to Recovery, Lead Time for Changes, and Change Failure Rate. Learn more about the DORA Metrics here.

Software Project Planning: An Expert’s Guide

Alex, our co-founder and CEO, wrote this article for Forbes about the most crucial aspects of software project planning.

As the complexity of a project rises, it becomes increasingly important to plan it out in great detail beforehand. Learn more about Software Project Planning. 

16 Tips To Help Tech Leaders And Developers Ensure Better, Cleaner Code

Our CEO and co-founder, Alex, was featured in this Forbes experts panel, talking about ensuring better, cleaner code. Read more about how to avoid sloppy coding habits here.

How To Clean Up And Reduce The Size Of A Git Repository

Whatever Git provider you use, your team’s workflows are disrupted, causing frustration and delays when the Git folder becomes too large.

Our CTO and co-founder, Valentine, wrote this article for Forbes about reducing the Git Repository size to prevent frustration.

Tech Debt Calculator

If you don’t have visibility into your software development process, technical debt can be a hidden problem, and it’s challenging to identify and prioritize it. It is also expensive if you leave it alone – see how much tech debt is costing you with our new Tech Debt Calculator.


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