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Software Development Cost Reduction: The Best Strategies to Optimize Costs and Scale Your Business

Value Stream Management in Software Development: Definition, Benefits and Challenges

laptop with graphic on screen

Understanding the Capitalization of Software Development

steering committee

Steering Committee in Software Engineering: Definition, Roles, Responsibilities 

data digital transformation

Digital transformation in the software industry: how data and analytics are changing the game

economic downturn of 2022

Economic downturn 2022: strategies for development companies that want to survive and thrive

The people, process, technology framework – how to implement and measure it in software development to create an efficient working environment

IT Governance – what is it, why deploy it and how to make it work for your organization

The CIO Dashboard: What metrics to track to turn it into an efficient tool for your organization

scale engineering team

Scaling Engineering: How to build, structure, and scale a software engineering team in 2022

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