Meet Waydev’s new tool for engineering managers
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Meet Waydev’s new tool for engineering managers

February 3rd, 2020
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According to a report published in 2018 by Stripe, the majority of 1,000 + developers, technical leaders, and C-level executives polled felt that access to developers is more important than access to capital. However, the issue might not be about how many developers you have available but about how they use their time and skills. With 17 million developers active in 2018, their study points to approximately $ 300 billion Global GDP loss from developer inefficiency annually.

When looking to increase developer productivity for your team, a logical step for an engineering manager would be first to have some insight into what the team is spending their time on.

Code management is now in the cloud on GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, or Bitbucket, and it has become possible to track the engineering team output. Unfortunately, most of the technology companies still look at reports created with manual input from the engineers. Nevertheless, if an engineer didn’t log the work in the report, it’s inefficient and often not accurate.

That’s where Waydev comes in.

Waydev is the newest agile data-driven way to truly understand your engineers. It automatically analyzes your codebase and generates reports with no input needed from engineers.

“Our product makes life easier for engineering managers by providing them with comprehensive data on how the team is doing, helping to identify potential issues before they become actual problems, to redirect resources, etc. Waydev is now trusted by 300+ companies and has had excellent feedback so far. We’re growing +40% month over month in terms of revenue, and we also have a retention rate of over 40% in eight-week timeframes. We plan on expanding our team in 2020 and refine both the product and our offer even further,” said Alex Circei, Waydev’s co-founder. 

Waydev closes that gap by providing reliable metrics for engineering leaders, reinventing the way engineers’ output is tracked to help engineering managers make objective decisions. The team looked at how teams work and created features for each use-case. The product provides complete visibility over teams’ output, so engineers don’t have to worry about their daily stand-ups. Engineering managers can now zoom in on any commit or pull request to see where the work focus went, eliminate blockers, and use data to increase engineer effectiveness.

“Our product’s focus is evenly distributed across the code-level metrics and the code review process. We came up with a way to quantify the code review process into actionable metrics that can enhance a manager’s visibility over his team collaborative activity. These insights can be used to spot a blocked pull request, incentivize engineers to collaborate more or adjust the workload. Our code-level metrics are directly related to engineering productivity, while the code review process is quantified in collaborative metrics,” Alex added.

Waydev stats can be used in:


“Developer Summary” helps spot the right time for one-on-one and get valuable insights that can effectively guide you through one-on-ones.

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Code Review Workflow

The time it takes to close a pull request relates to the time in which an engineer could’ve created excellent output. Even worse, a pull request that is merged without review could raise critical issues. “Review Workflow” offers a bird’s eye view over pull request activity. Managers can zoom in on any pull request to see comments, commit data, work focus, and more valuable information.


Monthly Reports

Our reports evaluate release success and compare sprints. Managers can assess both team focus and volume and see how different events impacted the overall team performance with “Project Timeline.” Automatically generated weekly and monthly reports will keep you up to date.


Waydev provides accurate data so that managers can focus on making the right decisions. The “Dashboard” feature offers a comprehensive view of any team and engineer stats while “Compare” helps benchmark team and engineer performance.

The product helps engineering managers answer questions like:

By providing visibility on individual and team contributions, Waydev helps managers identify where the most significant impact is being made, see how process changes impact team effectiveness, and spot opportunities to give relevant, data-based, and constructive feedback.

Waydev is now enterprise-ready, offering an on-prem solution and features like role and stats management as well as API & SSO integrations.

Also, you can go to Waydev’s website for a more in-depth analysis of what Waydev can offer and how it differs from other similar products like Gitprime or Code Climate.

If you want to find out more about how Waydev can help you, schedule a demo. 


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