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Code Climate Velocity Alternatives
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Code Climate Velocity Alternatives – A Comprehensive Comparison With Waydev

March 2nd, 2018
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If you’re looking for Code Climate Velocity Alternatives, Waydev is the best fit. Waydev helps engineering leaders by offering them engineering performance reports and a holistic view of the software development process.

Waydev acts as a single record system for measuring costs per epic/feature, resource allocation, individual and team performance, and delivery velocity.

So, how are we better than Code Climate Velocity?

Why are we providing this comparison?

We have noticed that many Code Climate Velocity users are seeking a good alternative due to Code Climate Velocity’s pricing and lack of flexibility in adding new features.

Waydev has a paying per active engineer feature

Unlike Code Climate Velocity, Waydev doesn’t restrict paying a license for the number of engineers you’re tracking. We want you to use Waydev because you’re happy with the service, not because you signed a contract for a certain plan. Anything you can upgrade for more licenses.

Waydev has a beautiful dashboard

Unlike Code Climate Velocity, Waydev offers a beautiful dashboard where you can check the engineering team performance in a couple of minutes, you don’t have to spend a lot of time in order to understand the stats because you have them all in the dashboard.

Why are we providing this comparison?

We have noticed that many Code Climate Velocity users are seeking a good alternative due to Code Climate’s pricing and Poor support.


Code Climate’s pricing is complex and very high. To learn the pricing comparison of Code Climate and Waydev, see Waydev’s pricing plans.


Yes! Live chat support is included as part of your plan — no extra fees to worry about (unlike Code Climate where you only get email support). Your dedicated account manager is happy to answer any questions you might have. We strive to address issues in less than 12 hours.

Code Climate Velocity

Code Climate is another contender for Pluralsight Flow Alternatives. But, Code Climate Velocity does not allow connections to Git data sources like GitLab, Azure DevOps, and their on-prem counterparts. Code Climate Velocity also doesn’t allow on-prem versions of GitHub and Bitbucket on their Essentials and Professional plans. Moreover, Code Climate Velocity offers API access only on the Enterprise plan.

Code Climate Velocity



Code Climate Velocity

Code Climate Velocity performance benchmarking tools includes:


Health Check, which is a report that enables users to see how their team members are performing this iteration compared to the previous three.


Key drivers of engineering velocity, which help you uncover the leading indicators of high performance and skill development.


Code Climate Velocity

 Code Climate Velocity’s solutions to locate problems include:

Code Climate Velocity


Code Climate Velocity provides several customization options, such as setting targets, customize the Health Checker, and set bilaterally agreed-upon benchmarks.

Waydev Customers Reviews

Carrier Case Study

“Waydev is an easy-to-use, robust platform that aggregates & displays

critical project and developer metrics in an easy-to-digest way.”

Tata Health Case Study

case study logo

“We were looking at bugs, and we would ask how many tickets got reported

resolved. But after Waydev came, we were able to get a little bit deeper.”

Nowcom Case Study

“Waydev helped us identify the output of our teams.

It improved the overall efficiency of our engineers.”

Appjobs Case Study

case study logo

“Thanks to Waydev, we have a lot of insight into the whole

development process and a more data-driven approach.”

Retreat Guru Case Study

case study logo

“It’s easy to use, provides helpful insights on how to support

developers. Their support is very fast, which I love.”

Switching From Code Climate Velocity to Waydev (best Code Climate Velocity Alternative):

To summarize:

If you want to find out more about how Waydev can help you, schedule a demo. 


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