Waydev became an official partner of Microsoft. Becoming a member of the Microsoft Partners Network confirms Waydev’s security and reliability of data.

Our partnership with Microsoft is driven by our goal to bring actionable metrics into the engineering process. As a leader in the engineering industry, Microsoft was the right strategic partner, who will empower the team to deliver Git Analytics solutions to a broad spectrum of engineering leaders,” said Alex Circei, CEO of Waydev.

Waydev provides engineering leaders with actionable metrics to improve visibility, velocity, and productivity across their engineering teams.

Waydev safely connects to Azure DevOps repositories to extract and analyze relevant data, which is then translated into business value and engineering cognitive load. Waydev also allows an SSO integration with Microsoft Active Directory. Integrations with Microsoft’s project management service, Azure DevOps Boards, are in progress.

As certified Microsoft partners, we provide the full scope of functions for the platform, including:

  • Daily stand-ups features
  • One-to-ones features
  • Reports features
  • Code review features
  • Role Management
  • Stats Management
  • Single sign-on
  • API access
  • On-premises installation