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March Updates: Custom Reports, Azure Boards Integration, and More

March 12th, 2021
Azure DevOps Analytics
Company updates
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Introducing Custom Reports

We’re excited to introduce custom reports. The flexibility of custom reports allows you to build visualizations unique from the default reports, to help you understand data in ways that can cover everything from a new process change, to ramping-up a new hire, department restructuring, and more.

Waydev custom report

Azure Boards Integration

The Azure Boards integration is now available to help you visualize sprint progress, understand the costs behind unplanned work, and see how much each feature and epic costs.

Azure DevOps Webhooks

We’ve added webhooks to the Azure DevOps integration. Now, events and metrics gathered from Azure DevOps are updated in real-time. With this addition, we’ve covered webhooks for every Git provider that we support.

Other features and integrations on our roadmap include:

Download the roadmap

Staying Technical as an Engineering Leader

“As a founder and CTO, I have seen my company grow from when I used to write all the code, to the point I wrote almost none. I have also had frequent conversations with other founders and peers about how much tech leaders should still be coding, or anyway stay technically involved. My take is: it’s very important to stay technical, but it’s not trivial to find an effective way to do so.” Read the full article here.

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