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Why I started Waydev?

September 01, 2018

I built my first online business back in 2007, and since then, I’ve created and launched tens of products. I’ve worked with developers all my entrepreneurial life, but all that time, I was frustrated not knowing why we were missing deadlines, why we were stuck, or why we were slacking off. ?

I know that if you know a little bit about code, you can study the code, but if not, you are asking questions and following your intuition, and in most cases, you are dead wrong—you don’t know anything ?

Without real data, you can’t take any decision. Fortunately, because most of the developers’ works are in GIT, we’ve found the solution to tracking their activity. We’ve built Waydev, a tool with which you can track real data from your developers, without their input with the mission to help the community of non-technical entrepreneurs worldwide ?

Waydev brings everything you need to track your development team ?

✅An easy-to-understand overview of your developers’ work
✅A single metric to follow, week after week
✅Comprehensive deep analytics for each developer

We’re integrated with Github and Bitbucket, and will integrate with Gitlab, Slack & Google Apps in the upcoming month.

I’m hoping to get your feedback, questions, and ideas here ??

Here is our live demo –

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