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Alternatives to GitPrime

Alternatives to GitPrime

April 19, 2019

I looked at this Gitprime blog article and I realize the direction of Gitprime it is for enterprise customers, it is the natural move for them but with this decision come with a high risk of keeping the actual customers with less than 100 engineers, because of that are relevant competitors to Gitprime and companies like Waydev can succeed in the long run.

Why Waydev is better than Gitprime?

  • A better focus on engineering teams
  • A better UI/UX engineering platform
  • A better customer service
  • A better price (less than 30% of Gitprime price) and also a freemium pricing model
  • A Monthly pricing plan

What is Waydev in comparison with Gitprime?

Waydev is the Git analytics tool that helps engineering managers gain better visibility into their development team. Waydev focuses on increasing team productivity and helps managers be data-driven.

Most of the software development reports are related to manual input from engineers, Waydev generates useful reports for managers, without the input of the engineers.

With the Waydev you are able to:

  • Come prepared in your daily stand-ups
  • Have relevant feedback in one-to-one meetings
  • Understand the history of the engineers work
  • And compare the stats with the industry average

Just give it a try, we have a 14 days free trial –




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