Category: Data-Driven Decisions

Enterprise release management: best practices and how to use data to maximize success

engineering management books

Best Books for Leaders in Tech: the Waydev Selection

Devops Metrics

DevOps Metrics and KPIs: Know How to Measure Your Engineering Team Success?

people process technology framework

People Process Technology Framework in Software Engineering – How to Measure & Implement It?

CIO dashboard

The CIO Dashboard: What metrics to track to turn it into an efficient tool for your organization

Engineering Metrics

Engineering metrics that matter for engineering managers and the bottom line

software quality metrics

How to Measure Software Quality Metrics?

code review process

Cycle Time Formula: How to Optimize the Key Metric to Accelerate Software Delivery

software development metrics

The Key Software Development Metrics


The Dreaded “P” Word: How to Grow from Tracking Developer Productivity to Measuring Your Team’s Performance

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DORA Metrics Playbook

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