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Why You Need to Look into a Better Pluralsight Flow Alternative: Here’s how Waydev is a superior choice for Scaling

May 5th, 2022
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Waydev and Pluralsight Flow (ex Gitprime) are two of the best Git Analytics tools. 

While Pluralsight Flow (ex Gitprime) carries a renowned reputation in the software development field, it’s not the best Git Analytics tool. When choosing to stick with this tool,  there are things you should keep in mind. Despite the wide range of features and tools, it’s not the best choice for scaling or enterprise-level companies. It lacks essential elements such as role-based access control, integrations with Azure DevOps, and a dedicated success manager. 

Waydev provides a highly customizable role-based access control. It integrates with Microsoft Azure DevOps and provides its customers with a dedicated success manager. We integrate with all the major git providers and provide three layers of data: code-level insights, code review metrics, and a data-driven approach to engineering project management.

This deep-dive will showcase all the key differences between Waydev and Pluralsight Flow you should know.  We’ll also showcase the benefits of switching from the Pluralsight tool to Waydev to gain more visibility into your software development process and build a more efficient workflow.

After going through this deep dive, you will understand that if you’re looking for a Pluralsight Flow alternative, Waydev might be the best fit. Waydev helps engineering leaders like yourself by offering engineering performance reports and a holistic view of the software development process. We act as a single record system for measuring costs per epic/feature, resource allocation, individual and team performance, delivery velocity, and more. 

Here are some key aspects that make us a better alternative:

That was a high-level overview. 

Now, let’s deep dive and learn more details below.

Scaling Engineering with Waydev vs. Pluralsight Flow 

When an engineering team scales, you start losing visibility. This translates into pain points like:


Even though you start losing grip, you need to meet deadlines, deliver value, and continuously boost your team’s productivity. This is when you might want to dive into Git Analytics tools like Waydev or Pluralsight Flow (ex Gitprime). These can help you regain a clear picture of your team members’ output and ensure your team is working efficiently and achieving goals. It’s easy to grasp what these tools do, but how will you interpret the data, and what will you make based on it?

To help you end your search for the best Pluralsight Flow (Gitprime) alternative, we’ve created this guide to showcase why Waydev is the solution you were looking for. We hope you enjoy our Pro Tip at the end of each section to help you increase your team’s productivity and scale your operation. You can skip to the part you are interested in or bookmark the guide for future reference.

Getting Started: Waydev vs. Pluralsight Flow registration process

Data Sources and metrics: Waydev vs. Pluralsight Flow

Performance Benchmarking: How Waydev tracks performance vs. Pluralsight Flow 

Spotting Problems: Waydev vs. Pluralsight Flow’s approach to work-related issues

Customizations: How Waydev offers better alternatives to Pluralsight

Pricing: Why Waydev is the most cost-effective alternative to Pluralsight Flow (Gitprime)

Approaches to Git Analytics: Pluralsight Flow Alternative, Waydev brings a fresh view

Getting Started: Waydev vs. Pluralsight Flow registration process

You have probably undergone many registration processes before, so this shouldn’t be too demanding. Before getting to all the insights, reports, and critical metrics, you will be required to connect at least one Git repository to one of these Git Analytics tools for data analysis. As soon as the data has been imported, you are in action.

Waydev is the most promising Pluralsight tool Alternatives. Set up your Waydev account by signing into your GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps account. Choose the repositories you want Waydev to analyze and click the ‘Load Project” button.

The integration of GitPrime (currently Pluralsight Flow) is similar to Waydev’s. Select your data provider, authorize access, and check the repos for Pluralsight Flow (ex Gitprime) to analyze.

A benefit of using the ex GitPrime tool is the range of control systems with variable workflows. To import your repositories, you can connect to your GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket. A contributor can be integrated into teams or concealed from reports.

Waydev provides integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, AWS Code Commit, Gerrit, and their on-premise counterparts. The access can be granted through OAuth or Personal Access Tokens. Waydev also allows SSO integrations through Okta and offers an API.

Pluralsight Flow (ex Gitprime) supports similar integrations, except Azure DevOps, AWS Code Commit, and Gerrit. It additionally supports Jira integrations.

Pro Tip: Developing your software can take some time. Setting up tools such as Waydev, Pluralsight Flow (ex GitPrime), or Code Climate Velocity can be operational upon importing your data.

Data Sources and metrics: Waydev vs. Pluralsight Flow

The data span of Waydev and Pluralsight Flow (ex Gitprime) is much the same. They focus on insights. Gaining an equal number of sources in your build can be met with complexity. Your engineering analytics platform needs to be transparent and insightful. Incomplete software builds mean a lack of precision in the data. 

Waydev is one of the most versatile Plularsight Flow alternatives. 

The platform is designed to import information from popular Git applications like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps. Waydev’s focus is evenly distributed across the code-level metrics and the code review process. We’ve discovered how the code review process can be quantified into actionable key metrics, enhancing your visibility over your team’s collaborative activity. These insights can spot a blocked pull request, incentivize engineers to collaborate more, or adjust the workload.

Waydev’s code-level metrics are directly related to engineering productivity, while the code review process is quantified in collaborative metrics. Some examples of the metrics are:

Pluralsight Flow (ex Gitprime) started by importing the data from Git, processing code-level data only, unlike the collaborative work-related data used by Waydev. This practice enabled integration with multiple tools, such as GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, but the code review workflow insights were narrow. They released a collaborative work package that is not entirely integrated into the reports.

Pluralsight Flow (ex Gitprime) offers its particular collection of metrics. 

Pro Tip: Your build will be limited in accessing patented metric systems that you can utilize with Pluralsight Flow (ex GitPrime), Code Climate Velocity, Pinpoint, or Waydev.

Performance Benchmarking: How Waydev tracks performance vs. Pluralsight Flow 

Waydev and Pluralsight Flow (ex Gitprime) offer a comprehensive view of project and team stats via dashboards that track performance evolution over the timeframe of choice.

This is what Git Analytics does. It searches through hundreds of repositories to provide valuable insights that would have taken hours to collect, input, process, analyze, and create a report. When comparing Waydev with the ex Gitprime tool, the clear benefits are stated by the various benchmarking solutions we offer.

Waydev has multiple performance benchmarking features.

Pluralsight Flow’s performance benchmarking tools

Pro Tip: When incorporating a reliable analytical tool, the metrics are based on research and analyses. Selecting the specific metrics for accurate insights can be challenging to determine if you wish to create your system.

Engineering teams are continuously expected to deliver value to the business, but a bottleneck could ruin an entire team’s momentum during a sprint. When the teams start scaling, you begin losing visibility regarding issues. To help you overcome this issue, Waydev and Pluralsight Flow (ex Gitprime) came up with different approaches for the process of spotting unhealthy work patterns and outliers.

Waydev offers a wide array of features that help you better understand potential issues.

Pluralsight Flow’s (ex Gitprime) approach to solving issues is less available to all subscription levels.

Pluralsight Flow’s Starter plan links issues to contributors, allowing the management to see who is responsible for something that might have gone wrong. The collaborative work reports show insights for problematic pull requests, but they are unavailable in the Starter plan.

To find inefficiencies, bottlenecks, or other potential issues, you need to look at:

Pro Tip: You can determine what your engineers are focused on in your engineering software by very standard alerts. Incorporating the command line by Slack, you can obtain insights into a specific PR. Using Slack, you can also get a summary of team performance on GitHub. It may not provide the highest accuracy but an overview of the production.

Customizations: How Waydev offers better alternatives to Pluralsight

When generating reports, you care to see that Waydev is the clear winner. Our customization options include Targets, custom settings, dashboards, role access personalization and custom metrics which allows to create widgets. At the same time, the ex Gitprime tool only offers a brief Targets tab and an API enabling users to build their reports.

Waydev offers an API system where stakeholders can create reports. 

Our Targets feature enables you to translate uncovered opportunities to action by setting measurable targets within the application. Visualize and track progress to hit all your goals. 

You can customize your Waydev reports using the Settings feature.

Waydev provides tailored reports through the Team Performance, and Repositories Stats features. Users can also create custom reports based on all Waydev metrics at multiple levels of granularity.

Waydev also offers filtering by teams, repositories, and the selected period, which can go back up to 36 months. You can opt-in to receive weekly and monthly reports which contain insights and guidelines about your team’s Impact, work focus, and many more. These reports can be viewed and downloaded through the Reports History tab.

Pluralsight Flow’s (ex Gitprime) customization options are limited when compared to Waydev’s

Pluralsight Flow (ex Gitprime) doesn’t have a customizable platform, but they have an API integrated into the Enterprise plan for stakeholders with the resources to create their reports. You can generate customized information based on code review, pull requests, and commit data. Customization includes the activation of metric-specific analysis. You can also set specific goals to motivate your team weekly or monthly based on their average performances. Pluralsight lacks when it comes to customization, and hence most teams look for Pluralsight Flow alternatives. Pro Tip: Your build offers complete customization. From choosing metrics to analyze to rendering visual data, custom functions can help you reach your targets. This is the best option for the flexible analysis of a specific metric.

Approaches to Git Analytics: Pluralsight Flow Alternative, Waydev brings a fresh view

Waydev created a balance between code-level analytics and code review metrics, aiming to provide engineering leaders with a complete view of their team’s activity.

Other Git Analytics aspects Waydev excels at are the customization options, Stats Management, and the Role Management features we provide, which are very useful for larger organizations.

To recap: Pluralsight Flow (ex Gitprime) only offers an individual performance view of the team, which is oriented towards hands-on engineering managers. 

Switching from Pluralsight Flow to Waydev

Now that you have a clear picture of what makes Waydev the best Pluralsight Flow or Gitprime (whatever you want to call it) alternative, it’s time we walk you through a few technicalities. Whatever the reason to switch from Pluralsight Flow (Gitprime) to Waydev is, you won’t regret the decision. Even though Pluralsight Flow (Gitprime) is a world-renowned company in the software engineering field, Waydev is undoubtedly the best tool for Software Development Analytics. Don’t worry; the transition is smooth and hassle-free!

Even though the onboarding is effortless, a dedicated success manager will assist you through the process. Switch from Pluralsight Flow to Waydev by following these easy steps:

That’s all it takes to switch from Pluralsight Flow (Gitprime). Welcome to Waydev!

To summarize, Waydev offers you access to:

Schedule a demo today if you want to see Waydev in action and how it is a better alternative to Pluralsight Flow.

Waydev Customers Reviews

Carrier Case Study

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“Waydev is an easy-to-use, robust platform that aggregates & display critical project and developer metrics in an easy-to-digest way.”

Tata Health Case Study

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“We were looking at bugs, and we would ask how many tickets got reported

resolved. But after Waydev came, we were able to get a little bit deeper.”

Nowcom Case Study

“Waydev helped us identify the output of our teams.

It improved the overall efficiency of our engineers.”

Appjobs Case Study

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“Thanks to Waydev, we have a lot of insight into the whole

development process and a more data-driven approach.”

Retreat Guru Case Study

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“It’s easy to use, provides helpful insights on how to support

developers. Their support is very fast, which I love.”

Haulmer Review

“Best Investment. Good for the company, Good for the team, Good for the engineer.”

Jolt Review

“It takes 5 minutes to start seeing the benefits of Waydev. I’m impressed with the pace at which they release new features.”

Wiggot Review

“Waydev helped me identify why new product development was delayed and how much time my engineers spend paying off technical debt.”

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